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Helping to ensure your future after your motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle has several immediate advantages over other types of transportation. Motorcycles are extremely fuel-efficient when compared to cars, trucks or SUVs. Motorcycles are also a great way to experience Louisiana's spectacular scenic beauty. For the price of just a few gallons of gas, you can get out and ride for miles along some of the most beautiful coastal wetlands the Pelican State has to offer.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riding is also fraught with several hidden dangers, many of which come from motorists. Due to the smaller size of the average motorcycle, many motorists simply fail to see motorcycles sharing the same roads with them. Many readers of our online blog may recall a previous article we wrote about just such an event. In that story, a 36-year-old motorcyclist was forced to lay down his bike when a car blocked his path while attempting a left turn in front of the motorcycle on Louisiana Highway 63. That rider did not survive the 2013 collision.

Getting back to normal after your car accident

One of the frequently overlooked aspects of car accidents is just how unfair those experiences can sometimes be for victims. If you have recently been injured as a result of someone else's driving you probably feel as though your life has been unfairly put on hold. It's likely that you're in a lot of pain from your accident. Your injuries have also probably prevented you from returning to work immediately after your accident. You may even have experienced difficulty taking care of normal household duties and enjoying doing things with your family.

Even worse, your financial obligations don't end just because you suffered a car accident through no fault of your own. The medical bills related to the treatment of your injuries still arrive, regardless of whether you are working are not. The same is true of your monthly housing costs and other day-to-day expenses.

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation costs remain stable

The agency tasked with administering Louisiana's workers' compensation claims says that insurance costs appear to have stabilized throughout the state. According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, a recent report issued by the agency shows that Louisiana has fared better than other states with regards to fluctuations in workers compensation insurance costs. The report looked at several key factors that influence insurance costs overall including income benefits, medical payments and other key variables between 2007 through 2012.

The LWC report included statistics obtained from WCRI CompScopeBenchmarks. That agency compiles various metrics taken from 16 other state workers compensation systems and tracks those numbers over time. The WCRI statistics found that Louisiana's overall cost per claim increased only by 1 percent during the period between 2011 and 2013.

What you need to know about serious brain injuries

Many people take for granted just how much our brains affect our personal identities. From the accent of your speech to the way that you use your hands to gesture when you speak. Our brains are the warehouses of memories and shared experiences; reservoirs of who we are as individual people. An accident that results in a serious injury to your brain can deprive your loved ones of the person they once knew and cherished.

This is especially true for families who are suffering alongside a victim of a serious brain injury. Imagine a scene where you meet with a doctor after your husband, wife or child has received brain trauma after an accident and is unable to speak. Even worse, the doctor then tells you that your loved one is in a coma or brain-dead. But what do those terms actually mean?

Potential for wrongful death claims in 2 DUI fatalities

On April 26, prosecutors in Houston, Texas, say that a man was under the influence of alcohol during a series of four car accidents which claimed the lives of two victims. After a court hearing on April 29, prosecutors say that the 34-year-old defendant began a drunk driving rampage in his Dodge pickup truck that started in Houston's Medical Center area. Police responded to that initial accident and ticketed the defendant for speeding before allowing him to leave the scene.

Sometime shortly after that, police say that the defendant struck and killed a 61-year-old homeless man near the University of Houston. Police allege that the defendant made no attempt to render aid or notify authorities. The victim's body was found the following day in a ditch near the site of the accident.

Standing up for your motorcycle accident rights

Motorcycle accident victims need strong advocates to represent them in their personal injury lawsuits. Perhaps the biggest reason for good representation is that the insurance companies that represent the other vehicles in your collision will oppose your efforts to recover compensation at every turn.

This is primarily because the typical motorcycle accident victim frequently requires more medical care than car accident victims. There is no such thing as a minor "fender bender" when a car, truck or SUV makes even a slight impact with a motorcycle. Those motorcycle accident victims often receive lacerations, broken bones and road rash -- even in low-speed collisions. They may also be unable to return to work and earn a living while they heal from their injuries.

Just how big a problem is distracted teen driving?

April is National Distracted Driving Month. This is a good time for Louisiana motorists to learn how distracted driving can personally affect them. Distracted driving is defined as any time the operator of a motor vehicle takes his or her eyes away from the forward roadway. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving accounts for 14 percent of all crashes nationally. Seven percent of those crashes involved the specific distraction of cellphones.

Distracted driving is particularly problematic amongst young motorists. In 2013, police reported accidents involving 963,000 drivers ranging between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. Those accidents culminated in 383,000 injured people and another 2,865 fatalities.

Can I sue my employer under Louisiana’s workers’ comp laws?

Things were much different here in Louisiana before 1976. In that year, the state legislature amended our current workers' compensation rules to what is sometimes referred to as a "no-fault" system. Prior to the changes in the law, injured workers were free to pursue their own litigation against their employers regarding injuries caused by workplace accidents.

One of the negative consequences of pursuing those lawsuits is that the litigation could drag on for months or even years. Too often, injured workers were left having to pay for their own medical treatments while also having to suffer lost wages as a result of their injuries that are preventing them from returning to work.

Drowning deaths can give rise to wrongful death lawsuits

As the weather continues to improve, many Louisianans will begin heading to local waterways to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Louisiana's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River Delta offers residents lots of opportunities to get on or near bodies of water. There are literally hundreds of lakes, rivers, estuaries, swamps and streams situated throughout the state.

Unfortunately, sometimes water-related recreational activities end tragically with drowning deaths. Frequent readers of our website may remember an article we posted previously about a teenager who drowned at a water park in Livingston Parish, Louisiana last summer. In that case, the 14-year-old boy was playing on flotation devices that the waterpark allowed visitors to climb onto prior to his death. Parents of that boy sued the waterpark, the manufacturer of a flotation device and even the lifeguard who was on duty at the time of that accident.

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