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Elderly couple killed in fatal Louisiana truck accident

A married couple in their 80s was killed in a tragic car accident in St. Tammany Parish. The incident happened along I-10, not far from the Louisiana Welcome Center. According to Louisiana troopers, the accident involved a semi-truck and the elderly couple's vehicle.

Louisiana State Police believe that a car, which was being driven by an 82-year-old man from Mendeville, was traveling slowly in an eastwardly direction on I-10. That is when an 18-wheeler, being driven by a 36-year-old man from Texas, crashed into the back of the car.

Civil Rights Advocates Get Significant Win at US Supreme Court

While most media attention has gone to the US Supreme Court's ruling upholding Obamacare subsidies (which we detailed in an earlier blog post), the Court also issued another hugely important decision today in Texas Dept. of Housing v. Inclusive Communities Project. The Court's 5-4 ruling upheld provisions in a 40-year-old law called the Fair Housing Act that pertain to the legal theory of discriminate impact. With today's decision, plaintiffs will continue to be able to file housing discrimination lawsuits that show the effect of housing discrimination without having to prove the intent of discrimination. A landlord, for example, is potentially vulnerable to a lawsuit if he or she only provides housing to people of one race or ethnic group, without actually having intended to do so. In other words, disparate impact provides a level of protection to victims of unintentional housing discrimination.

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare Subsidies

This morning, the United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling in King v. Burwell, a case that could have severely weakened or even destroyed the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare") in much of the country. The Court, however, ruled in favor of the healthcare law, upholding and securing it.

Oil spill cleanup operations and workplace illnesses

Louisiana is blessed with an abundance of natural resources including oil and other petroleum products. One of the unfortunate realities of extracting crude oil from the earth is that sometimes the pipes used to facilitate the transportation of those liquids and gases can fail. The same is true for oil platforms and transport vessels. These failures are rare, yet they can have catastrophic consequences. This is especially true if they occur deep underwater on or near one of the many offshore oil platforms just beyond Louisiana's coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

The relatively recent disaster of the Deepwater Horizon accident is a good example of how difficult and dangerous cleaning up waterborne oil spills can be. A typical response to these types of accidents is to remove the spilled oil from the water's surface due to its potentially adverse effect on the environment. Chemical dispersants are one of the tools that cleanup responders use to break up crude oil and mitigate its harmful effects.

Time can play an important role in your brain injury case

Injury to a person's brain can happen in a many ways. For example, you could slip on a loose piece of fruit at your local grocery store and bang your head against the ground. In a worst-case scenario like a car accident, some external object could actually pierce your skull and damage your brain.

Unfortunately, some victims of brain injuries don't immediately seek out medical attention after experiencing head trauma. That may not always be a wise decision. In a previous article on our online blog we discussed how brain injuries are unique in the sense that most of them are not readily apparent.

Can I get punitive damages in my wrongful death lawsuit?

A wrongful death occurs in Louisiana when someone dies due to the fault of another. Without getting too complicated, the basic idea behind a wrongful death claim is to allow a victim's family members to recover compensation from those responsible for the otherwise preventable death of their loved one.

Depending on the circumstances, the compensation of the victim's family can be based on many factors. For example, surviving family members can seek restitution of the victim's medical bills prior to his or her death. They can also seek the amount of income the deceased victim might have earned over the course of his or her life's employment. Funeral costs and burial expenses are also some other forms of compensatory damages.

Helping to ensure your future after your motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle has several immediate advantages over other types of transportation. Motorcycles are extremely fuel-efficient when compared to cars, trucks or SUVs. Motorcycles are also a great way to experience Louisiana's spectacular scenic beauty. For the price of just a few gallons of gas, you can get out and ride for miles along some of the most beautiful coastal wetlands the Pelican State has to offer.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riding is also fraught with several hidden dangers, many of which come from motorists. Due to the smaller size of the average motorcycle, many motorists simply fail to see motorcycles sharing the same roads with them. Many readers of our online blog may recall a previous article we wrote about just such an event. In that story, a 36-year-old motorcyclist was forced to lay down his bike when a car blocked his path while attempting a left turn in front of the motorcycle on Louisiana Highway 63. That rider did not survive the 2013 collision.

Getting back to normal after your car accident

One of the frequently overlooked aspects of car accidents is just how unfair those experiences can sometimes be for victims. If you have recently been injured as a result of someone else's driving you probably feel as though your life has been unfairly put on hold. It's likely that you're in a lot of pain from your accident. Your injuries have also probably prevented you from returning to work immediately after your accident. You may even have experienced difficulty taking care of normal household duties and enjoying doing things with your family.

Even worse, your financial obligations don't end just because you suffered a car accident through no fault of your own. The medical bills related to the treatment of your injuries still arrive, regardless of whether you are working are not. The same is true of your monthly housing costs and other day-to-day expenses.

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation costs remain stable

The agency tasked with administering Louisiana's workers' compensation claims says that insurance costs appear to have stabilized throughout the state. According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, a recent report issued by the agency shows that Louisiana has fared better than other states with regards to fluctuations in workers compensation insurance costs. The report looked at several key factors that influence insurance costs overall including income benefits, medical payments and other key variables between 2007 through 2012.

The LWC report included statistics obtained from WCRI CompScopeBenchmarks. That agency compiles various metrics taken from 16 other state workers compensation systems and tracks those numbers over time. The WCRI statistics found that Louisiana's overall cost per claim increased only by 1 percent during the period between 2011 and 2013.

What you need to know about serious brain injuries

Many people take for granted just how much our brains affect our personal identities. From the accent of your speech to the way that you use your hands to gesture when you speak. Our brains are the warehouses of memories and shared experiences; reservoirs of who we are as individual people. An accident that results in a serious injury to your brain can deprive your loved ones of the person they once knew and cherished.

This is especially true for families who are suffering alongside a victim of a serious brain injury. Imagine a scene where you meet with a doctor after your husband, wife or child has received brain trauma after an accident and is unable to speak. Even worse, the doctor then tells you that your loved one is in a coma or brain-dead. But what do those terms actually mean?

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