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Helmets go a long way toward stopping traumatic brain injuries

Most people know, in a general sense, that having a child wear a helmet can help to prevent injuries. However, many people in Louisiana don't take this nearly as seriously as they should, according to Acadiana Helmets for Life.

The group was founded by a woman whose own child was involved in a serious accident while riding a go-cart. The young girl suffered injuries to each lobe of the brain, and her skull was fractured in the crash. Her mother now says it's impossible to be too cautious.

Motorcyclist killed in tragic Highway 82 crash

A motorcyclist from Lafayette was fatally injured in a crash along Highway 82. The incident happened in Vermilion Parish last Saturday. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist did not survive.

Louisiana State Police officers indicate that the incident involved a second vehicle that cut the 35-year-old motorcyclist off. Police allege that the car turned in front of the man and there was nothing he could do to maneuver out of his path. Authorities say that they are still investigating exactly what might have occurred in the crash.

Understanding how stop signs improve safety at intersections

Most Louisiana motorists might be surprised at the level of research that goes into placing a stop sign at intersections throughout their neighborhoods. One of the reasons behind all of the thought that goes into erecting a stop sign is because many motorists will simply choose to violate them if they are unwarranted. Rather than coming to a full stop, drivers approaching a needless stop sign may choose instead just to slow down.

That's why many municipalities often dither when deciding between erecting a stop sign or a yield sign to control traffic at intersections. The federal agency tasked with promoting safety policies at intersections is the Federal Highway Administration. That agency has created a series of guidelines to help civic planners determine whether a traffic stop is warranted at certain intersections. Here are some of the requirements of that policy as well as some other key intersection safety facts:

26-year-old woman killed in Louisiana 18-wheeler crash

A tragic early morning car accident resulted in the death of a 26-year-old woman last Friday. According to Louisiana state troopers, the incident occurred just before 2:30 a.m., just outside Tallulah along Interstate 20.

Police investigations indicate that an 18-wheeler driven by a 41-year-old man was eastbound in front of the young woman's Chevy Impala. The woman drove into the back of the semi-truck for unknown reasons. The woman's car burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

Elderly couple killed in fatal Louisiana truck accident

A married couple in their 80s was killed in a tragic car accident in St. Tammany Parish. The incident happened along I-10, not far from the Louisiana Welcome Center. According to Louisiana troopers, the accident involved a semi-truck and the elderly couple's vehicle.

Louisiana State Police believe that a car, which was being driven by an 82-year-old man from Mendeville, was traveling slowly in an eastwardly direction on I-10. That is when an 18-wheeler, being driven by a 36-year-old man from Texas, crashed into the back of the car.

Civil Rights Advocates Get Significant Win at US Supreme Court

While most media attention has gone to the US Supreme Court's ruling upholding Obamacare subsidies (which we detailed in an earlier blog post), the Court also issued another hugely important decision today in Texas Dept. of Housing v. Inclusive Communities Project. The Court's 5-4 ruling upheld provisions in a 40-year-old law called the Fair Housing Act that pertain to the legal theory of discriminate impact. With today's decision, plaintiffs will continue to be able to file housing discrimination lawsuits that show the effect of housing discrimination without having to prove the intent of discrimination. A landlord, for example, is potentially vulnerable to a lawsuit if he or she only provides housing to people of one race or ethnic group, without actually having intended to do so. In other words, disparate impact provides a level of protection to victims of unintentional housing discrimination.

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare Subsidies

This morning, the United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling in King v. Burwell, a case that could have severely weakened or even destroyed the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare") in much of the country. The Court, however, ruled in favor of the healthcare law, upholding and securing it.

Oil spill cleanup operations and workplace illnesses

Louisiana is blessed with an abundance of natural resources including oil and other petroleum products. One of the unfortunate realities of extracting crude oil from the earth is that sometimes the pipes used to facilitate the transportation of those liquids and gases can fail. The same is true for oil platforms and transport vessels. These failures are rare, yet they can have catastrophic consequences. This is especially true if they occur deep underwater on or near one of the many offshore oil platforms just beyond Louisiana's coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

The relatively recent disaster of the Deepwater Horizon accident is a good example of how difficult and dangerous cleaning up waterborne oil spills can be. A typical response to these types of accidents is to remove the spilled oil from the water's surface due to its potentially adverse effect on the environment. Chemical dispersants are one of the tools that cleanup responders use to break up crude oil and mitigate its harmful effects.

Time can play an important role in your brain injury case

Injury to a person's brain can happen in a many ways. For example, you could slip on a loose piece of fruit at your local grocery store and bang your head against the ground. In a worst-case scenario like a car accident, some external object could actually pierce your skull and damage your brain.

Unfortunately, some victims of brain injuries don't immediately seek out medical attention after experiencing head trauma. That may not always be a wise decision. In a previous article on our online blog we discussed how brain injuries are unique in the sense that most of them are not readily apparent.

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