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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

Wrongful death suit filed in 2012 fatal fall from golf cart

Family members of a New Orleans, Louisiana, man who died because of a fall from a moving golf cart have filed a wrongful death suit against the golf course where the incident occurred. Official reports show that the organizations that hosted a charitable golf tournament at that facility are also named in the wrongful death suit. The victim was fatally injured in late 2012 while participating in a tournament hosted by the Kelley Gibson Foundation/Feed the Relief at Lakewood Golf Course.

The lawsuit claims that the man was riding with his family members on the back of a golf cart when that vehicle struck an uneven stretch in the pavement. The man fell from the cart, striking his head on the concrete and suffering catastrophic injuries. That man was hospitalized for his serious wounds, and he died because of those injures on Feb. 1, 2013.

Louisiana's HB 917 Should Be Voted Down

The Louisiana Legislature will hear HB 917 on the floor of the House of Representatives tomorrow, April 9. We at Redmann Law believe the bill is a bad idea and will cause great harm, particularly to our state's working class. We respectfully ask that you contact your local legislator and urge him or her to vote down this bill.

Remembering the Rwandan Genocide, 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago today, the widespread and deliberately-planned murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Rwanda began. Today, the only thing that most people outside of Africa know about Rwanda--a small country in central-east Africa with a population of 12 million and a land area the size of Massachusetts--is that it had a genocide in the '90s. But even the facts of the genocide aren't well known and appreciated by most people.

SCOTUS McCutcheon Ruling: An Explainer

You've probably seen or heard about yesterday's US Supreme Court ruling on campaign financing on TV or the newspaper. But we at Redmann Law have found that the news media doesn't do a very good job of covering legal matters, so we've put together this explainer to break down the case in a way that hopefully makes it easier to understand.

2 killed, several injured in Baton Rouge drunk driving accident

Louisiana police officers have reported that a motorist is in custody for drunk driving after allegedly killing two people and injuring three others on March 30. The driver, age 38, reportedly rear-ended another vehicle with four occupants while driving on the Interstate 10 Bridge in Baton Rouge. Authorities say that a 19-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man died in the tragic car accident.

Authorities say that the driver admitted that he drank alcoholic beverages at a local club and also at a casino before getting behind the wheel. The at-fault driver in the car collision had reportedly started out the evening as a designated driver, but he abandoned that cause and began consuming alcoholic beverages. The man told officers that he was less intoxicated than his friend, so he was selected to drive both of them home from a club in Port Allen.

3 former LA governors support the Coastal Erosion lawsuit

Last week we published a blog post about the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East's lawsuit against oil companies that have damaged Louisiana's coastal wetlands. The Advocate's columnist Stephanie Grace has been providing continuing coverage of the lawsuit, and she recently published an article with thoughts from three former Louisiana governors. Governors Buddy Roemer, Edwin Edwards, and Kathleen Blanco each came out in public support of the lawsuit, and demanded that oil companies found to be responsible for destroying the state's wetlands should pay damages.

Motorcycle accident kills 1, injures another in head-on crash

A Louisiana man has died in a fatal motorcycle accident on La. 16 in St. Helena Parish, according to news reports. That 29-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene after being struck by a motorist accused of driver negligence. It appears that the driver was distracted at the time of the accident, though cellphone use is not suspected; officers say the woman's attention was diverted by a party that was occurring on the sides of the road.

Official reports show that the 19-year-old car driver struck the decedent head-on. She also plowed head-on into another motorcyclist who was riding with that victim. The second man suffered moderate injury, though he was also thrown from his bike in the motorcycle accident.

GM must pay for the sins of its past

General Motors has recently recalled more than 1.6 million of its vehicles manufactured between 2003 - 2007, among them its Chevrolet Cobalt, a car being described by some in the auto industry as a "cardinal sin."