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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

Steps railway workers should take after an injury in Louisiana

Railway workers in Louisiana could be injured on the job in many different ways, and, if you work in this industry, it is important to know that you are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act, which is also known as FELA. In order to take advantage of this protection and get the compensation that you deserve, though, you need to know about the important steps to take in the wake of an incident.

Of course, the very first thing that should be addressed is medical attention. No matter how seriously you think you have been injured, you should be seen by a medical professional. Your employer will help arrange this, so report the injury immediately so that the process can begin.

Brain injury always considered serious, no matter severity

Traumatic brain injury suffered because of a personal injury accident can lead to long-term health woes for victims. Even mild traumatic brain injury -- such as a concussion -- needs to be monitored and cared for with a sharp eye. No matter the severity of the brain injury, Louisiana victims need to treat the incident as serious and follow doctors' orders to improve their likelihood of a full recovery.

After a brain injury of any type, you should be seeking a physician's attention. However, moderate to severe brain injuries always warrant a trip to the emergency room, where staff with focus on maintaining blood pressure, preventing further injury and ensuring adequate blood supply. Secondary injuries may also occur, including those caused by inflammation or swelling.

Does your relative's accident qualify as a wrongful death case?

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one because of a tragic accident caused by someone else's negligence, you deserve financial compensation for your civil claims. Family members who have endured the pain and suffering associated with such a traumatic event have the right to hold the at-fault party accountable. No one should be allowed to cause a fatal accident with impunity; instead, one should be held responsible in Louisiana civil court for the negligent behavior.

What types of accidents qualify for wrongful death claims? In many cases, victims have suffered the loss of a loved one because of traffic accidents, including those caused by commercial vehicle drivers. Victims may be behind the wheel of a car, riding their motorcycle or even simply walking alongside the road when they are killed by a negligent driver.

Can I get workers' compensation for my hearing loss?

Is hearing loss considered a workplace injury? Although we may not think of hearing loss as an acute condition, long-term damage can still occur when employers fail to take adequate precautions. Scores of Louisiana workers suffer job-related hearing loss every year, with many never realizing that they may be entitled to financial compensation. You do not have to be just another statistic; consider seeking workers' compensation funds for your job-related hearing loss.

How many people suffer from job-related hearing loss?

Honoring a Local American Hero

Mr. John Camp, Jr. of Arabi, Louisiana, passed away recently at the age of 95. In addition to being a loving husband to Mrs. Vivian Camp--his wife of 69 years--and a devoted father and grandfather, Mr. Camp had the honor of receiving the Purple Heart for his service during the Second World War.

Concussion study shows effects of brain injury on NFL players

The nation has been captivated by the discussion surrounding brain injury in National Football League players and other similar professionals. Now, new statistics show that these players definitely suffer chronic brain conditions at a higher rate than other Americans. Further, those who have been exposed to this type of cumulative brain injury tend to display symptoms younger than others. In fact, the risk of developing Alzheimer's between ages 50 and 59 may be as much as 23 times higher for NFL football players than those in the general population.

The research study could have wide-reaching implications for those in Louisiana and other states who have suffered cumulative brain injury; athletes are not the only relevant population. This particular report, which was actually compiled by NFL consultants, serves as the first public admission that retired football players have higher rates of brain injury. However, the report did not list a cause for the higher prevalence of cognitive deficits.

You might be eligible for additional car accident damages

You probably know that car accidents can be very expensive when it comes to property -- imagine having to replace your vehicle or pursue invasive, costly repairs. You might not realize, however, that car accidents can also take a financial toll on the victims that are involved. Think about the possibility of being forced out of your job because of injury, or worse, a lasting disability caused by a car accident. Victims of car accidents endure physical and financial tolls because of their experiences.

Ultimately, the only thing that can heal your physical and emotional wounds is good medical care and time. You may be entitled to seek financial compensation for past and future medical expenses, depending on the nature of your injury and potential disability. Further, you may also be eligible for other compensation based on pain and suffering, emotional distress and even loss of income because of your injuries.

Know your rights after a Louisiana motorcycle accident

If you have recently been involved in an injurious motorcycle accident, you may be full of questions about the implications of your wreck. Many victims of motorcycle accidents may be entitled to financial compensation because of driver negligence shown by other motorists. Injury victims should know that they have legal rights and options in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash.

In the days following your motorcycle accident, you should consider seeking the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Until you are able to speak to your legal team, make sure that you do not sign any legal documents, including forms from an insurer. These documents could lead to establishing fault in the crash, which could ultimately cause you to lose some of your courtroom rights. Make sure that you have your own copies of the crash evidence, including photographs of the crash scene, medical records and police reports.

What are the causes of traumatic brain injury?

Do you know the implications of suffering a traumatic brain injury? If you were only recently injured in an accident, the ongoing nature of your traumatic brain injury may not have hit home. Further, if your loved one has suffered serious head injury, you could be wondering just how you are expected to care for this continued medical concern. Understanding the attributes of traumatic brain injury can help you and your legal team identify the best approach for obtaining the financial compensation you need and deserve.

So, what exactly is TBI? In most instances, traumatic brain injury is considered an acute injury that damages brain structures. However, it is important to recognize that brain injuries are vastly different from simply suffering a broken bone or skin laceration. Such injuries may hamper your use of a limb, but victims' personalities remain essentially unchanged.