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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

Anniversary of New Orleans Riot

July 30 marks the 148th anniversary of the New Orleans Riot, a critically important event in the history of American race relations, but one which isn't well-known to many people today, even in Louisiana. It's crucial that we understand this event that ultimately resulted in 38 people dead, and the role it played in the larger story of the period immediately following the American Civil War.

Ambulance company sued for wrongful death after poor transport

The operators of Acadian Ambulance Service of New Orleans are under fire after allegedly causing the death of a woman who was in their care. Family members of the deceased victim have filed a wrongful death suit against the company, which reportedly used a decrepit vehicle to transport the woman during a six-hour trip. The woman's adult children are seeking financial compensation for wrongful death, loss of companionship and pain and suffering, among other civil complaints.

The suit alleges that the woman was transported in an outdated and poorly maintained ambulance. Her sons say that the woman was driven for more than six hours in a vehicle that did not have air conditioning. That, along with the roughness of the ride, apparently led to the woman developing decubitus ulcers. The two sons say that they personally saw the ulcer that had developed after the woman's ride in the vehicle. Those ulcers apparently led to the woman's death after the ambulance ride.

Driver facing serious charges after fatal drunk driving accident

A man from Louisiana's neighboring state of Texas is facing a series of serious criminal charges after he reportedly caused a fatal crash that killed a 19-year-old victim. The 27-year-old defendant was reportedly driving his vehicle northbound on Louisiana 23 in Plaquemines Parish during the early morning hours on July 8 when he crossed the median and crashed into the victim's vehicle.

The head-on car accident left the victim dead at the scene, according to news reports. One other vehicle struck the other two after the initial collision. The driver of the third car was not injured.

Wrongful death suit filed for dialysis equipment failure

A Louisiana health care company has come under fire after reportedly providing a patient with a faulty dialysis machine that allegedly killed him. The victim died from a heart attack after he was given the malfunctioning medical equipment. Now, family members are seeking financial compensation for wrongful death in connection with the incident.

2 children dead, others injured in car accident near bayou

Family members of two children killed in a car accident in Ascension Parish say they are mourning the deaths of the 9-year-old girl and the 6-year-old boy. The two victims were reportedly fishing along a bayou on Bluff Road in the northwestern section of the parish when they were hit by a car. The two youngsters were with several other relatives, including their father, at the time of the fatal car accident.

Official reports show that one of the men who was fishing with the youngsters suffered a severely broken leg in the disaster. The 23-year-old man had to undergo surgery for a leg that had been fractured in three places. One other adult victim -- the father of the two children -- also suffered broken bones in the incident.

Basketball player targets college group over brain injury

Many of us have heard about the ongoing controversy surrounding concussions in sports. With a massive legal settlement from the National Football League, professional players are receiving the care and treatment they deserve because of their traumatic brain injuries. Still, that settlement did not cover college athletes in Louisiana. New legal action against the NCAA has taken the concussion discussion into another realm entirely, moving from the field to the hardwood.

The NCAA is accused of failing to protect college basketball players from the lasting effects of concussive head injuries. The primary plaintiff in this case is a former player at Arizona State University and the University of Tulsa. That man claims that he suffered repeated concussions and cumulative brain damage because of head injuries that occurred during his time on the court. His lawsuit claims that he must receive ongoing medical care for a variety of neurological deficits, including mobility problems, mental health ailments, dizziness and cognitive deficiency.

100 Years Since the Event That Started World War I

Tomorrow, June 28th, 2014, marks the 100th anniversary of what many historians have called the single most impactful event of the 20th century. On that date in 1914, 19-year-old activist Gavrilo Princip shot and murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, ultimately triggering the start of the First World War.

Trademark Protections Revoked for Offensive Football Team Name

News broke yesterday that the United States Patent & Trademark Office will be revoking its protections for several intellectual properties owned by the NFL's Washington Redskins on the grounds that these properties are offensive to Native Americans. While this decision could be reversed on appeal (and the team retains its protections until the appeals process concludes), it could mean that the team can't stop unofficial and unsanctioned use of its name, allowing anybody to make and sell Redskins merchandise without paying the team. The Patent & Trademark Office's rules don't allow protection for material deemed offensive, and after years of legal campaigning by Native American activists, the Office was convinced to remove its protection of the "Redskins" name.

Family files wrongful death suit after inmate dies at prison

Louisiana officials say that an inmate who died at the Orleans Parish Prison in March suffered a heart attack in an altercation. The victim's family members are telling a different story, however. They contend that the man was beaten by another inmate but that he was refused medical care because of guards' negligence. Those relatives have filed a wrongful death suit against the facility, claiming that staff acted inappropriately toward the victim -- and that their negligence caused his death.

News reports show that the man was beaten by another inmate as guards looked on. That information was obtained from a letter that was written from another inmate inside the facility to the victim's family members. After the altercation, the 40-year-old victim complained of chest pains and breathing trouble, but the guards allegedly just pepper sprayed him and dragged him to another location.

Louisiana man gets 7 years for causing fatal car accident

A Louisiana man has been sentenced to a seven-year prison term with two years suspended after he caused a fatal crash in September 2012. That means he will spend five years behind bars before his conditional release. If he violates the terms of that release, he could be sent back to prison for the two-year remainder of the sentence. The man and his attorney intend to appeal the verdict and the sentence.

The defendant was convicted by a six-person jury in connection with vehicular homicide allegations for the fatal collision. The 31-year-old man was accused of killing a 56-year-old woman in the tragic car accident. Reports show that the at-fault driver was attempting to pass the victim in a no-passing zone, causing the early morning crash. The victim's SUV smashed into a cement truck. That large vehicle then plowed into the victim's car. That collision occurred along La. 73.