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New Orleans Personal Injury Law Blog

You might be eligible for additional car accident damages

You probably know that car accidents can be very expensive when it comes to property -- imagine having to replace your vehicle or pursue invasive, costly repairs. You might not realize, however, that car accidents can also take a financial toll on the victims that are involved. Think about the possibility of being forced out of your job because of injury, or worse, a lasting disability caused by a car accident. Victims of car accidents endure physical and financial tolls because of their experiences.

Ultimately, the only thing that can heal your physical and emotional wounds is good medical care and time. You may be entitled to seek financial compensation for past and future medical expenses, depending on the nature of your injury and potential disability. Further, you may also be eligible for other compensation based on pain and suffering, emotional distress and even loss of income because of your injuries.

Know your rights after a Louisiana motorcycle accident

If you have recently been involved in an injurious motorcycle accident, you may be full of questions about the implications of your wreck. Many victims of motorcycle accidents may be entitled to financial compensation because of driver negligence shown by other motorists. Injury victims should know that they have legal rights and options in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash.

In the days following your motorcycle accident, you should consider seeking the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Until you are able to speak to your legal team, make sure that you do not sign any legal documents, including forms from an insurer. These documents could lead to establishing fault in the crash, which could ultimately cause you to lose some of your courtroom rights. Make sure that you have your own copies of the crash evidence, including photographs of the crash scene, medical records and police reports.

What are the causes of traumatic brain injury?

Do you know the implications of suffering a traumatic brain injury? If you were only recently injured in an accident, the ongoing nature of your traumatic brain injury may not have hit home. Further, if your loved one has suffered serious head injury, you could be wondering just how you are expected to care for this continued medical concern. Understanding the attributes of traumatic brain injury can help you and your legal team identify the best approach for obtaining the financial compensation you need and deserve.

So, what exactly is TBI? In most instances, traumatic brain injury is considered an acute injury that damages brain structures. However, it is important to recognize that brain injuries are vastly different from simply suffering a broken bone or skin laceration. Such injuries may hamper your use of a limb, but victims' personalities remain essentially unchanged.

Mother files wrongful death suit after doctors misdiagnose lupus

A Louisiana woman is seeking financial compensation from Ochsner Baptist Medical Center and two physicians after the death of her daughter in 2011. The woman claims that the medical center and doctors are responsible for the young woman's wrongful death after they failed to diagnose her life-threatening condition. The defendants are accused of negligence in the matter because they failed to appropriately communicate the gravity of laboratory test results that pointed to serious problems.

Reports show that the woman brought her daughter to the medical center in April 2011 after she was complaining of discomfort including vomiting, pain and nausea, along with the inability to eat. The daughter was examined by a physician who ordered a battery of tests. That doctor allegedly failed to review the results of those laboratory tests, instead diagnosing the patient with peptic ulcer disease. Five days later, the woman and her daughter returned after the pain had increased in intensity. The daughter was again given mediation for gastroesophageal reflux disease, and she was not given any additional testing.

Heat stroke prevention key to safe workplaces in Louisiana

You may not think of heat and heat-related illnesses as a significant problem at your work site. However, if you are out in the elements here in humid, hot Louisiana, you run the risk for heat-related conditions that could prove deadly. That is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules governing workers' activities in such dangerous conditions -- no one should have to worry about being injured while working in a warm environment.

OSHA has not issued a formal heat standard, which means that employers must use their own discretion in protecting their workers' health. OSHA has provided recommendations that combine analysis of weather conditions, workload and work processes, however, which are intended to guide employers in preventing heat-related workplace injury accidents. A recent review of 2012 and 2013 data showed that of the 20 cases of heat illness cited by OSHA, 13 victims died. Most of those decedents worked outdoors and were required to perform heavy or moderate physical activity.

Wrongful death suit filed in teen death at Cajun Lagoon

Family members of a teenage boy who died after drowning at Cajun Lagoon water park are seeking financial compensation against the park and other entities including firefighters and emergency medical responders. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Baton Rouge against Cajun Lagoon, which is located in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. The victim, age 14, drowned in an accident at the park in 2013.

Official reports show that 17 defendants are named in total. Among those are the church that took the boy's youth group to the water park and the manufacturer of a flotation device that apparently failed. The lifeguard on duty at the time of the accident is also being targeted in the civil suit.

Settlement to provide tests for college athlete brain injury

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has settled a large class-action suit over athletes' contentions that they may have suffered brain trauma while playing college sports. The organization, which oversees several programs in Louisiana, is slated to set aside $70 million to help current and former players determine whether they suffered brain injury during their college careers. The NCAA has also agreed to institute a new policy that will outline the ways in which players should be treated after they suffer a concussion, with the goal of preventing more serious brain damage down the road.

Athletes who played contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey and others may be eligible for the evaluation. Any athletes who are currently playing -- and in fact, any athlete who has ever played in the NCAA -- could be eligible for the diagnostic tests and follow-up compensation claims.

Anniversary of New Orleans Riot

July 30 marks the 148th anniversary of the New Orleans Riot, a critically important event in the history of American race relations, but one which isn't well-known to many people today, even in Louisiana. It's crucial that we understand this event that ultimately resulted in 38 people dead, and the role it played in the larger story of the period immediately following the American Civil War.

Ambulance company sued for wrongful death after poor transport

The operators of Acadian Ambulance Service of New Orleans are under fire after allegedly causing the death of a woman who was in their care. Family members of the deceased victim have filed a wrongful death suit against the company, which reportedly used a decrepit vehicle to transport the woman during a six-hour trip. The woman's adult children are seeking financial compensation for wrongful death, loss of companionship and pain and suffering, among other civil complaints.

The suit alleges that the woman was transported in an outdated and poorly maintained ambulance. Her sons say that the woman was driven for more than six hours in a vehicle that did not have air conditioning. That, along with the roughness of the ride, apparently led to the woman developing decubitus ulcers. The two sons say that they personally saw the ulcer that had developed after the woman's ride in the vehicle. Those ulcers apparently led to the woman's death after the ambulance ride.