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Louisiana plans to crack down on holiday drunk driving accidents

We are now entering the time of year where many people will enjoy alcoholic beverages as part of their holiday celebrations. Officials with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission have announced that law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be stepping up their efforts to keep drunk drivers off our roads.

The increased DUI patrols are currently slated to go into effect between Dec. 12 through Jan. 1. The state effort coincides with the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled over campaign that is aimed at reducing the amount of drunk driving related crashes through Christmas and New Year's Day.

State laws protect Louisiana pedestrians from vehicle accidents

Let's be honest. Many of us don't walk nearly as much as we probably should. Our society relies heavily on motor vehicles to get us to them from our destinations. However, the reality is that all of us become pedestrians at some point each day. We may be crossing the road during our lunch break or walking to the grocery store from the parking lot. At some point, we must rely on the attentiveness and skill of other motorists to avoid hitting us while on foot.

Many pedestrians would probably be surprised to know that Louisiana currently has a regulation on the books that is intended to precisely address situations in which drivers must exercise due care. According to RS 32:214, all drivers are required, as much is reasonably possible, to avoid colliding with pedestrians on any roadway. Drivers are also advised to use their horn when necessary and take care to look out for children, confused or incapacitated people while on highways.

Some interesting facts about fatal workplace accidents

None of us prepares to leave our homes each day thinking that we may never return at the end of our workday. The sad reality is that fatal workplace accidents occur across the country each year. Our state is blessed with many heavy industries associated with the Gulf of Mexico. Our offshore oil platforms and commercial fishing practically ensures that Louisiana residents will be some of those killed each year in work-related accidents.

The U. S. Department of Labor is tasked with keeping track of every American workplace death. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes those numbers each year. Although it may seem a grim tally, documenting the accidents helps provide safety officials with the information they need to increase workplace safety. The following are some of the more important finding of the 2013 numbers:

Louisiana police aggressively enforcing seat belt law

Thanksgiving has grown into at least a four-day weekend for many Louisianans as they take to the road to visit family and friends not just around the state. Unfortunately, with this increased traffic, we see an increase in accidents. Thanksgiving was one of the most dangerous holiday periods for Louisiana drivers last year, resulting in 689 injuries and five fatalities.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission hopes that its 11th participation in the nationwide "Click It or Ticket" campaign of information coupled with increased enforcement will encourage motorists to use their seat belts over the holiday weekend. All passengers in vehicles on Louisiana roads are required to use seat belts. Of course, special restraints like safety and booster seats are required by law for children. Police officers can stop a vehicle if they observe someone who is not properly restrained.

What are some symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

Experiencing any injury to your body can be serious but perhaps no type of injury holds more potential to alter a person's psychological constitution than a traumatic brain injury. That's because the brain is the warehouse for our personalities. It's where our ideas about ourselves and the world around us resides.

That's also why we can sometimes detect evidence of traumatic brain injury in certain individuals. This is largely because many TBI symptoms are so closely aligned with personal behavior and cognitive functioning. Difficulty remembering things or concentrating on certain tasks are some clues to look for in a person suspected of having suffered a TBI.

Accident may spark workers’ compensation death benefit claim

On Nov. 3, a New Orleans, Louisiana, man died after his construction vehicle was forced from the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway and into the water. Authorities say that the 57-year-old traffic worker was engaged in bridge maintenance when the accident occurred. The general manager of the construction site said that the victim was driving a large truck as part of a bridge construction crew when he was struck by a garbage truck and pushed off of the Causeway.

According to the general manager, the accident occurred approximately four miles from the North Shore around 3:30 p.m. The victim had just recently been employed by Traffic Solutions Inc., apparently working for the road maintenance company for only several months prior to his death. The company owner expressed sympathy towards the victim's family and said that the fatal accident has deeply affected his staff.

Honoring Those Who Served

Today we celebrate Veterans Day, remembering and honoring all of those who have served--and currently serve--in the United States Armed Forces.

What do I say to my car insurance company after an accident?

When you're involved in an auto accident, getting medical attention for injuries is the first priority. However, it's also important that you maintain contact with your car insurance company. After an accident, there are several things that you should do as well as several that you shouldn't do. Below, you will find tips for helping you deal with your insurance company.

-- Review your insurance coverage before you call your insurance company, paying close attention to the "Coverage" and "Exclusion" parts.

The Importance of Voting

"Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights."
-Thomas Jefferson

Tomorrow, people all over the United States will take to the polls to elect their governors, senators, representatives, judges, and so much more. We in Louisiana have many important races on the ballot, including United States Senator, US Representative, many judicial candidates, and a series of proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution.

Not seeing motorcycles is not an excuse in Louisiana

A large percentage of the motorcycle accidents in Louisiana happen because of the small size of the bikes. Since they are so much smaller than cars and other vehicles, the drivers of those vehicles will often not notice where they are on the road -- even though bikers have as much of a right to use the road as anyone else.

This can lead to many types of accidents. In some cases, cars will turn left, as if the road is clear, cutting across the path of a bike that is coming the other direction. In other cases, drivers will merge into the same lane as a motorcycle that is traveling in the same direction that they are. Furthermore, some accidents happen at stoplights when cars and trucks do not stop quickly enough, running into the backs of bikes that are already at a standstill.

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