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Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation on August 6, 2018

Returning to work with a brain injury

There is no question that brain injuries cause a myriad of side effects and symptoms that can make it difficult for some people in Louisiana and across the U.S. to return to work. Depending on the circumstances involved in the
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Posted in Our Blog on August 1, 2018

New job? You can insist on adequate safety training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration governs the safety of workplaces in Louisiana. Employers must comply with the agency’s safety regulations and also ensure their employees follow safety rules and guidelines. However, some employers in and around Gretna fail to
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Posted in Our Blog on July 31, 2018

5 major types of injuries suffered in car accidents

If you were in a vehicle that was involved in a car accident, a medical assessment is essential, even if you seem to be uninjured. Not all injuries are immediately evident, and those that develop over the days or weeks
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Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on July 30, 2018

The dangers of driving at night

After the sun sets in Louisiana, thousands of people continue to travel on the state’s roadways. Whether they are coming home from work or going out for dinner and drinks, people are navigating alongside other cars and trucks with the
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Posted in Brain Injury,Our Blog on July 20, 2018

TBIs and PTSD: the perfect storm

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC, in Louisiana, we help people who have sustained serious injuries as the result of someone’s negligence or misconduct. Sometimes our clients suffer from several injuries, which makes life especially difficult for
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