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Posted in Car Accidents on January 10, 2021

The Most Dangerous Times to be on the Road in New Orleans 

When you’re a conscientious New Orleans driver, you drive to stay safe. You maintain a safe speed, and you put away your digital devices. You take care not to operate your vehicle when you’re sleepy. You never drive when you’ve
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Posted in Truck Accidents on January 3, 2021

7 Things You Must Do if You’re Injured in a Truck Accident

When a truck crashes into your car while you’re driving in Louisiana, the outcome is often predictable. With few exceptions, trucks cause extensive damage to smaller vehicles. Occupants often sustain serious or catastrophic injuries. Truckers frequently walk away with minor
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Posted in Car Accidents on December 23, 2020

When Might an Expert Witness be Needed in a Car Accident Case? 

When someone injures you in a Louisiana car crash, the circumstances aren’t always crystal clear. Sometimes witnesses and police officers provide enough testimony to verify what happened. At other times, attorneys, insurers, and manufacturers require an expert to prove liability
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Posted in Car Accidents on December 16, 2020

7 Tips for Driving Through a Construction Zone in New Orleans

New Orleans’ road construction zones are sometimes hazardous, but you get used to them. If you’re a daily commuter or you drive anywhere in the city, you learn to navigate the hazards skillfully. You get used to the erratic traffic
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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents on December 10, 2020

How Dangerous is Riding a Motorcycle in Louisiana?

If you ride a motorcycle in Louisiana, you know there’s a sense of freedom and excitement that makes the risks worthwhile. You deal with distracted, speeding, intoxicated, and inconsiderate drivers. As motorcycles are usually the smallest vehicles on the road,
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