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Posted in Dog Bites on September 15, 2023

Dog Bites and Liability: An Exploration of Louisiana Laws

In March this year, a devastating incident occurred in Louisiana, where a young girl, Emily Roark, suffered severe facial injuries from a dog her family had recently taken in for fostering.  Emily endured significant muscle trauma and received sutures near
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Posted in Slip & Fall Accidents on September 4, 2023

The Legalities of Slip and Fall Accidents in Louisiana: What Victims Need to Know

A customer at a Bourbon Street hot spot has initiated a lawsuit after a slip and fall accident. The legal action, filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, alleges she suffered severe injuries after slipping on an unknown substance while
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Posted in Our Blog on August 26, 2023

Unpacking Louisiana’s Dram Shop Laws: A Legal Perspective

Even though New Orleans’ party culture makes an indelible impression on visitors to the Big Easy, alcohol consumption in Louisiana is not as high as the excesses of Bourbon Street would make one think. In 2020, Louisiana ranked 21st in
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Posted in Our Blog on August 16, 2023

Role of Medical Expert Witnesses in Louisiana Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury law, a medical expert witness is a professional from the healthcare field who lends their knowledge to help clarify facts in a case. This could be a doctor, a nurse, or another medical specialist with expertise relevant
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Posted in Car Insurance Claims on August 5, 2023

Understanding No-Fault Insurance in Louisiana: A Comprehensive Guide

In 2021, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development reported 914 highway vehicle crashes, which set a record for the state and had a significant impact on the number of insurance claims for personal injury and property damage.  Louisiana operates
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