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Posted in Wrongful death on November 22, 2021

What Damages Can I Recover in a Wrongful Death Claim? Important Tips for When You Experience a Tragic Loss

If you lost someone close to you due to another person’s negligence, you may qualify for a wrongful death claim. The tragic news of your sudden loss can turn your world upside down, leaving you no time for managing your
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Posted in Car Accidents on November 5, 2021

5 Common Types of Car Accidents

Reports of car accidents fill our news daily. At the same time, you hope that it never happens to you; one day, it unfortunately does. If you suffered severe injuries or lost a close loved one due to a negligent
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Posted in Spinal Cord Injuries on October 22, 2021

Most Common Types of Spinal Injuries — What You Need to Know

Spinal injuries can often result in devastating harm that can change a person’s life forever, impacting not only their ability to work and maintain friendships and relationships but even move. That is why if you suffered a spinal injury in
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Posted in Car Accidents on October 6, 2021

What is Considered a Reasonable Settlement for a Car Accident in Louisiana? 

Following a car crash, no amount of money will fully erase all the pain, trauma, and losses you had to go through. However, when you obtain just compensation for this accident, it can help you start rebuilding your life and
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Posted in Car Accidents on September 23, 2021

5 Tips to Help Avoid Drowsy Driving

Safe driving requires the driver to be awake and attentive. When drivers are drowsy, they are more likely to make poor decisions and to have slower reaction time — increasing the odds of causing an accident. Read on to learn
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