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Posted in Car Accidents on August 24, 2022

Can You Still Drive a Recalled Vehicle?

When buying a new car or truck, there’s an expectation that it will be safe and reliable without any problems for a long time. That isn’t always the case, and recalls are more common each year. In 2020 alone, more
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Posted in Car Accidents on August 16, 2022

Settlement Versus Trial – The Pros and Cons of Each for Personal Injury Claims

In February 2021, a truck driver in Idaho crashed into two vehicles, causing injuries and property damage. He faced two lawsuits, one from a driver in one of the cars and the second from her passenger. While the passenger settled
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Posted in Car Accidents on August 4, 2022

TikToks After a Car Accident – Can Social Media Affect Injury Claims

Earlier this year, a video was posted on TikTok of a Tesla S-BLM speeding down Baxter Street in Los Angeles. The car reaches the top of the city’s steepest hill and lifts off, flies over a steep decline, surrounded by
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Posted in Car Accidents on July 25, 2022

Can Dashcam Footage be Used in Court for a Car Accident Claim in Louisiana?

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular with the quick advancements of society in the field of technology. This new revolution is one which has transformed every facet of day-to-day life for everyday Americans. As this stems from everything from food delivery
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Posted in Car Accidents on May 12, 2022

Who is Liable for a Crash if a Vehicle is on Autopilot?

Brendan McGowan sat in the driver’s seat of a Tesla Model 3. He watched the steering wheel turn as his hands hovered above it. The Tesla navigates the streets of Auburn, California using Tesla’s Full Self Driving software (FSD). As
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