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Posted in Our Blog on January 6, 2023

When Can a Manufacturer be Held Liable for an Injury?

Manufacturer product liability refers to a manufacturer’s legal responsibility to compensate individuals injured by a defective product. In 2021, about 11.7 million individuals in the U.S. alone visited emergency rooms as a result of injuries caused by the use of
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Posted in Our Blog on October 27, 2022

Tesla Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles

Checking for vehicle recall notices is standard procedure for Tesla owners. The most recent safety recall is caused by a software glitch affecting almost 45% of the Tesla vehicles on the road today. It would seem the more automated vehicles
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Posted in Our Blog on October 16, 2022

Maximum Medical Recovery and Why it Matters for a Settlement

Grappling with what to do following an accident can be challenging. Doctor appointments need to get scheduled, prescriptions filled, and bills paid. Concerns may be swirling in the minds of injury victims. The last concern they should have is being
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Posted in Our Blog on September 5, 2022

Injured by a Vape Pen – What You Can Do

A vape pen exploded like a gunshot inside a 21-year-old New Orleans man’s mouth in August 2018. He had picked up vaping over smoking cigarettes, but now faced several years of reconstructive surgery after his jaw was broken in three
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Posted in Our Blog on June 5, 2022

When Someone Gets Hurt at a Hotel, Who Pays?

If someone has been harmed as a result of a dangerous situation on hotel property or the negligence of a hotel employee, a personal injury lawsuit is likely to be filed. Injuries to hotel visitors might be held accountable in
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