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Posted in Workplace Injuries, Wrongful death on September 28, 2023

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in the Workplace: A Focus on Louisiana

A tragic incident in New Iberia has called attention to the issue of workplace negligence in wrongful death cases. Relatives of a worker at an Arby’s restaurant assert in a legal case for wrongful death that her demise in a
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Posted in Workplace Injuries on July 24, 2023

Navigating Maritime Law: Personal Injury Claims for Offshore Workers and Seamen

Louisiana’s offshore energy industry is thriving, with the wind power industry making inroads into the market in addition to oil and gas. In spite of legislation aimed at improving worker safety, offshore work is still a risky occupation with a
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Posted in Workers Compensation, Workplace Injuries on July 16, 2023

Workplace Injuries in Louisiana: Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Employee

In February 2023, a court jury in Louisiana  granted in excess of $27 million to the relatives of an offshore employee who tragically lost his life in a 2018 accident while working on an oil and gas production platform in
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Posted in Car Accidents, Workplace Injuries on October 2, 2020

Can a pre-existing condition affect a personal injury claim?

Pre-existing conditions can range from a propensity to suffer bronchitis, to a range of back and nerve issues. When you are involved in a car accident, suffer an injury at work, or suffer a side effect from a prescription drug,
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Posted in Our Blog, Workplace Injuries on May 1, 2018

Do not rely on others to keep you safe on a construction site

If you are a construction worker in Louisiana, you will face the same hazards as many other construction workers, regardless of whether your project is a single story residential building or a skyscraper in the city. Although the Occupational Safety
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