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Louisiana man sues employer after workplace injuries

Posted in Our Blog,Workplace Injuries,Workplace Safety on March 10, 2016

A Louisiana man has brought a legal action against his employer for its alleged negligence and failure to offer a safe work environment. The worker is citing General Maritime Laws the Jones Act as his basis for recovery relating to injuries he suffered in June 2013.

According to the lawsuit, the man says that the defendant had employed him as a crew member and floor hand on an oil rig called “The Porpoise.” The man says that he suffered permanent and severe injuries while performing his job duties. He has blamed those injuries on the defendant’s negligence, saying that the defendant’s crew, officers and employees did not maintain, control or supervise the drilling operations in which he was involved.

The lawsuit says the defendant’s negligence caused him to hurt his neck, back, elbow and arm. This also resulted in his suffering emotional and mental pain. In addition, the man says that he lost the capacity to make a living, incurred medical expenses and will incur future medical expenses. In addition, the man says that the defendant did not pay him his maintenance and cure which should be $50 daily.

The oil worker, who is being represented by a Louisiana attorney, is is requesting financial damages relating to the above injuries, in addition to costs, lawyers fees and interest.

If the worker is successful in the navigation of the lawsuit, it will no doubt be a great help to him in seeking to pay for his current and future medical care, in addition to his living expenses while being unable to work. Usually, seeking workers’ compensation benefits is a fairly straightforward process for an injured Louisiana employee, but sometimes, it can be next to impossible to get the benefits one deserves. When this happens, legal action may be necessary to assert the worker’s right to financial assistance in court.