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New Orleans Distracted Driver Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents do not just happen out of nowhere. They are almost always caused by a negligent act or a series of negligent acts. Often this negligence happens because a driver has allowed himself or herself to be distracted.

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., in Gretna, Louisiana, our New Orleans distracted driver accident attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing injured clients. We believe that inattention is no excuse for hurting another person, and our New Orleans auto accident lawyers strive to identify negligent drivers and hold them accountable for the injuries they cause.

man texting behind the wheel of a car

We Hold Louisiana Distracted Drivers Accountable

What does this mean? Most of our injured clients have two main concerns: They want the people who are responsible for their pain to be punished (justice), and they want money (compensation) so they can pay their medical bills and continue to support their families.

Whether a client has been injured in a car accident, a motorcycle accident or a collision with a commercial vehicle such as a semi-trailer or tractor-trailer, we see our job as facilitating our clients’ goals in obtaining both justice and compensation. Our New Orleans injury attorneys represent injured clients in distraction-related lawsuits involving:

Justice and Compensation for Injured Clients

The Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC is dedicated to improving the lives of injured clients. For a free consultation with a distracted driving accident lawyer serving New Orleans and surrounding communities, contact us online or by calling (504) 500-5000.

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