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What Types Of Knee Injuries Can Happen At Work?

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation,Workplace Injuries,Workplace Safety on March 13, 2017


Any type of worker can suffer a knee injury. For example, a warehouse worker is at risk when squatting and lifting heavy loads. Along with this, an officer worker could suffer an injury as the result of a slip-and-fall accident.

If you have reason to believe that you’ve injured your knee on the job, it’s best to receive immediate medical attention. You may believe that the pain will go away in time, but there is no way of knowing if this will happen.

Some of the most common types of knee injuries include:

– Fractures of the patella.

– Dislocation.

– ACL injuries, such as a sprain or tear.

– Posterior cruciate ligament injuries.

– Collateral ligament injuries.

– Meniscal tears.

– Tendon tears.

Treatment for a knee injury is dependent on many factors, including the injury itself. Some of the top nonsurgical treatment options include:

– Physical therapy.

– Immobilization.

– Anti-inflammatory medication.

In some cases, such as in the event of an ACL tear, surgery is required. Although this is not something you want to go through, it may be the only way to ensure that your injury is treated appropriately.

If you suffer any type of knee injury at work, don’t hesitate to report the accident and injury to your employer. Along with this, seek immediate medical attention.

In the event that you’re unable to return to work, it’s time to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This allows you to receive money while you’re recovering, ensuring that you can support yourself and your family until returning to work.