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1 skill used by racecar drivers to prevent accidents

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on May 26, 2016

An injurious car accident can be devastating in terms of your health, your finances and your ability to work and hold down a job. For that reason, it is important to have as many skills as possible to prevent an accident from happening. This article will talk about a braking skill that all race car drivers know, but most drivers have not mastered. This is a great skill that can help you be more agile in your vehicle and avoid getting into a crash.

Racecar drivers know the limits of their vehicles better than anyone else. That’s because they are always pushing their cars to the edge. Because of this vehicle knowledge, racecar drivers have learned how to separate the need to brake from the need to make a turn. In most cases, racecar drivers brake before they make their turn, not during the turn. They brake, stop braking, turn and after the turn, hey hit the gas to accelerate. This strategy gives racecar drivers a lot more traction when they are making a turn so that they can make the turn faster with less chance of losing control of their vehicles.

Finally, there is another racecar braking technique referred to as “trail braking,” but it should only be done by drivers with a lot of experience who have practiced this technique again and again. This involves going fast into a sharp corner and braking hard just before turning. Brake hard until the vehicle has slowed down enough to safely corner. The fast braking technique causes the more weight to shift to the front of the car where the front tires are steering and it gives the steering wheels more bite.

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