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Blind spots cause many motorcycle accidents

Posted in Car Accidents,Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog on July 15, 2016

Blind spots are different on all vehicles. With semi trucks, there could actually be a blind spot directly in front of the truck, as well as in the back and along both sides. Smaller vehicles typically don’t have front blind spots, but it could still be hard for bikes to be seen when they’re near either of the rear corners.

It’s also important for bikers to remember that parked cars are a potential danger. A person who has parallel parked on the side of a road may not see a bike coming up behind the car, and the driver could then open the door to get out, slamming into the motorcycle in the process.

Blind spots are especially an issue for motorcycles because of their small size. Some drivers may not even think they have blind spots since they can always see other cars and trucks, but a bike can slip right in undetected.

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