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Interstate pedestrian accidents in Louisiana

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on January 14, 2016

Pedestrians should not be walking on the interstate and in many cases, accidents involving pedestrians on highways will be blamed on the pedestrian themselves. However, that does not mean that interstate pedestrian crashes are always the fault of the pedestrian. A wide variety of scenarios could result in fault and liability being placed on a federal or state agency, or another driver. This article will discuss how pedestrian accidents frequently occur.

Often, pedestrians hit by other vehicles were standing or walking on the side of the road. For example, if a driver has a vehicle malfunction and needs to exit his or her vehicle for some reason, he or she will be at risk of getting hit. Inattentive drivers can sometimes cause these accidents due to their own negligence in failing to watch the road ahead of them. Also, drunk drivers and sleepy drivers cause many of these crashes.

Aside from a vehicle malfunction, pedestrians might also be on an interstate because of a roadway collision. They might have been in an accident, so they are tending to the accident site and other victims, exchanging information with other drivers, inspecting damage or just waiting for help. Or they might have pulled over in order to help another driver who was in a crash.

Poor roadway lighting and poor road conditions could also contribute to these types of crashes. For example, improperly lit roads or improperly maintained roads during bad weather conditions could also cause pedestrian crashes to happen due to no fault of any of the parties involved.

Louisiana residents hurt in pedestrian-related interstate vehicle crashes may want to investigate the facts surrounding their injuries. The facts could be sufficient to support legal claims in court to seek financial restitution in many cases.