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2 Jennings residents involved in fatal motorcycle accident

Posted in Car Accidents,Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog on June 3, 2016

A woman was riding on the back of a motorcycle last weekend when she and the motorcycle’s driver were involved in a tragic crash. The woman was ejected from the bike and died s a result of the injuries. The driver of the bike was also ejected, but he was fortunate to survive.

Just prior to 11 a.m., the Louisiana State Police Troop D reported to the accident site along Interstate 10. There, authorities found a 54-year-old man from Jennings, Louisiana, who had been driving the motorcycle. Police reports indicate that the motorcyclist had lost control of his vehicle, drove off the road and hit a fence.

The collision caused both the female passenger and driver to be ejected from the bike, which resulted in serious injuries. The motorcyclist and his 51-year-old female passenger, also from Jennings, were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. However, doctors were unable to save the woman and she later passed away at the hospital.

Toxicology tests have been performed, but the results have yet to be received, so it is unknown as to whether the motorcycle driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Police continue to investigate what exactly may have happened in this tragic collision.

When a fatal motorcycle accident happens, it is important to review all evidence related to the case to determine whose fault the accident was. A number of factors – which might not be immediately apparent – could cause a crash, like problems with the condition of the road, another driver who fled the scene, defective parts on the motorcycle and more. Sometimes, police reports alone are not enough and plaintiffs associated with the crash will need to perform their own, independent investigation into the crash. Once fault has been conclusively determined, then the injured parties – and family members of anyone who died – can evaluate the viability of pursuing a wrongful death action or personal injury claim.