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Driver Involved In Two Car Accidents Faces Charges For Carjacking

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on March 5, 2014


A 24-year-old driver who allegedly fled the scene of a fatal accident in Louisiana was apprehended after causing another injurious wreck after fleeing to Mississippi. The man was taken into custody on Feb. 27 after committing the second hit-and-run car accident. Authorities say the driver is accused of causing a wreck in Metairie, Louisiana, that left a 75-year-old man dead. He is likely to face charges of negligent homicide, carjacking and hit and run, according to authorities in Jefferson Parish.

Official reports show that the man, visiting from Oklahoma, borrowed a vehicle from his relatives without asking. He then rear-ended a driver on Veterans Boulevard in Metairie, sending that vehicle flying into a utility pole. The driver of that vehicle was taken to the hospital, but he died shortly after the wreck.

After that incident, the at-fault driver fled several blocks to a drug store. In the parking lot of that establishment, the driver accosted a 79-year-old woman and absconded with her vehicle. The at-fault driver was then involved in another accident in Mississippi; authorities there say they discovered that he was still driving the elderly woman’s car when he was involved in the wreck there. A victim in that auto accident was transported by helicopter to a hospital in nearby Memphis.

The victims in such cases may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault driver. A New Orleans car accident attorney may be able to provide these victims with information that could lead to financial damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses and a variety of other civil claims. Victims who have been injured by a negligent driver should not have to suffer in silence. Instead, a Louisiana attorney may be able to serve as their advocate and ally in civil court.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Suspect in fatal Metairie wreck, carjacking arrested after committing 2nd hit and run in Mississippi, cops say” Michelle Hunter, Feb. 28, 2014