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Can You Still Get Workers’ Comp Benefits After Returning To Work?

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation,Workplace Injuries on August 10, 2016


In most cases, you get workers’ comp benefits to cover your wages only until you return to work. When you can earn your pay again, those benefits stop. For some people, this happens after just a few days or weeks, though it can be longer for others. It all depends on the nature of the injury and the recovery period.

In rare cases, though, it is possible to still get benefits even when you’ve returned to work. This is done when you are not able to earn as much as you were before, even though you’re technically putting in time.

For example, your injury may make it hard for you to stand for more than four hours. Your old eight-hour shifts may now be impossible. You can return for four hours a day, but, if you’re paid by the hour, this means your overall monthly pay has still been slashed in half, even though you’re back.

In that situation, you may be able to get compensation for the drop in pay, buying you more time to recover fully and get back to the eight-hour days.

It’s worth noting that you’ll likely not be paid the full amount of the decrease. The Supplemental Earnings Benefits that you get are generally paid out as two thirds of what you were earning before – technically 66 and two thirds of a percent. You’re paid two thirds of the loss, which is the difference between your current earnings and your past earnings. For example, if you made $4,000 per month before and now you just make $2,000 per month, you could be paid two thirds of $2,000 to cover that remainder.

As you can see, it’s wise not to assume that workers’ comp has to end when you go back to work. Be sure you always know your rights and what benefits you can seek in Louisiana.