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Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation,Workplace Safety on November 30, 2016


When you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you hope to receive an approval without delay. After all, you may be relying on this money in order to get by until you can return to work.

However, many people find that they run into a problem. More specifically, their workers’ compensation claims are denied. There are many reasons why this could happen, including the following:

– Your employer says that your injury was not work-related.

– You did not report your injury in a timely manner.

– The claim was not filed on time.

– You did not receive immediate medical treatment following your accident.

– The injury is ineligible for compensation to be rendered.

As you can see, some of these reasons are tied to decisions you make. For example, you need to file for benefits without delay.

Conversely, there can be times when your employer disputes the claim. This typically happens when your company states that the accident actually happened outside of work.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, the best thing you can do is learn more about the appeals process. From there, take the time to follow the steps outlined in your denial letter.

Nobody wants to be injured on the job, but if this happens to you, it’s important to understand your legal rights. While there is no guarantee that you will qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you can at least look into this.

If your application is not approved at first, it’s time to file an appeal. This is the best way to fight back against a denial so that you can eventually receive the compensation you deserve.