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Textalyzer technology could save us from smartphone perils

Posted in Our Blog on April 22, 2016

Texting while driving kills numerous Louisiana residents every year. Just like drunk driving, it does not matter how careful Louisiana drivers are, they could still be hurt or killed by another driver who unconscionably chooses to be distracted by his or her cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. For this reason, our state has laws governing the use of cell phones and prohibiting distracted driving. Indeed, Louisiana drivers must be reasonably attentive under the law while operating their motor vehicles in order to avoid getting into a car crash.

If Louisiana police discover that an at-fault motorist was operating his or her smartphone at the time of a collision, the motorist could face intense consequences in court – consequences that could include jail time and being vulnerable to a personal injury lawsuit. However, it still remains difficult for police to determine whether to suspect a driver of distracted driving. This is largely because drivers guilty of texting while driving are usually completely sober, they do not show any outward signs of the committed an offense and they rarely admit to what they were doing.

This is where Textalyzer technology could help. Technology is being created by a tech firm in Israel, and it could revolutionize the way police identify people guilty of texting behind the wheel. The Textalyzer would allow police to scan an individual cell phone device following a car accident to determine if it was used at the time of the car accident. For this reason, the device has been nicknamed the “Textalyzer” and it is also being called the “breathalyzer for texting.”

Louisiana residents who suspect that their car accident injuries were caused by a distracted driver may want to investigate deeper into the incident to determine whether they have viable claims for personal injury damages.