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Four Years After Brain Injury, Former Student Sues High School

Posted in Our Blog on August 30, 2013


One of the most prevalent high school sports, football, is also a primary cause of traumatic brain injury. Student athletes in both high school and college risk their long-term brain health by playing the full-contact sport. While parents have often spoken out about this risk, it was only recently that professional football players began fighting back against management, who they say did not do enough to protect them. Many athletes on all levels have received concussions, and with a better understanding of this type of traumatic brain injury has come some serious backlash from the victims.

This is evident in the recent filing of a lawsuit by a former high school football player against his school. The former player has claimed his school did not protect him from the dangers of traumatic brain injury. He alleges his school committed acts of negligence by allowing him to play even after he had suffered a concussion. According to the suit, the player became disoriented during both practices and games. He even experienced blurred vision and vomited, but was still allowed to play. The claim indicates that he was sidelined four years ago after he showed signs of a concussion. Tests confirmed this, yet he was given the go-ahead to play.

It was during October 2009 in a game following his confirmed concussion that two big hits on running plays caused traumatic brain injury to the young man. The suit claims this damage caused him to suffer permanent physical and mental injuries to his brain and head. It also claims he has lost mental capacity due to the negligence of the school. His lawsuit may be extremely relevant to high school athletes throughout the country, especially those in Louisiana where high school football is a treasured pastime. Other athletes may be able to make similar cases against their schools, especially if they have suffered serious and long-term damage.