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What should you know about your rights to a safe workplace?

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation on February 21, 2018

Whether you are a construction worker scaling walls and crossing rooftops or an administrative assistant grabbing phones and typing memos, you want to know your workplace is safe. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not guarantee no accidents will happen on a given job, its leaders do assure Louisiana employees they have rights when it comes to workplace safety.

What should the Louisiana workforce know about those rights? OSHA says your first right is “to a safe workplace.” This means employers are responsible to do everything in their power to ensure the environment does not pose unnecessary risks. If the site is hazardous because of the nature or location of the work, supervisors must provide appropriate protective gear so employees can safeguard themselves.

Another right you should understand relates to communication. If the language of your workplace is different than the one you speak at home, OSHA points out your right to receive training “in a language you understand.” One of the most reasonable aspects of a safe workspace is the ability to communicate with supervisors and peers. If you do not speak the language the job trainer speaks and cannot understand your duties, request training in your native language. Your employer must honor your request.

OSHA states your rights in other areas as well. These include the guarantee of:

  • Safe equipment
  • Protection from chemicals that are toxic
  • Access to records of injuries
  • An OSHA inspection, upon request

Finally, the administration suggests filing a complaint anytime you feel the conditions on your job are unsafe.

This information is educational only and does not intend to provide legal advice.