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Returning to work with a brain injury

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation on August 6, 2018

There is no question that brain injuries cause a myriad of side effects and symptoms that can make it difficult for some people in Louisiana and across the U.S. to return to work. Depending on the circumstances involved in the situation, people may not be able to perform the same tasks that they did before they experienced brain trauma. Employees who suffer from cognitive deficits, impaired vision, trouble concentrating, memory problems, muscle weakness and have trouble communicating may need special attention when going back to work. In some cases, employers may be able to facilitate an employee’s ability to return to work by giving them certain tools that will help them perform their job.

After deciding to return to work, people may want to make a plan with their employer on how to ease back into the workplace. Employees may want to start by working shorter shifts or just a few days a week. The worker may be given a different job at first until they are able to return to their original position. Some employers may decide to give workers with brain trauma breaks more often so they do not get burned out right away.

Brain trauma symptoms may improve with continued therapy and treatment. Some employers may allow for these treatments, according to the Brain Injury Association of America. When people are not able to return to their same position or to work at all, they may experience financial difficulties, which can present more issues for people and their quality of life.