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What health and injury risks do restaurant workers face?

Posted in Our Blog,Workers Compensation on March 11, 2018

If you are among the many residents of Louisiana who make a living working in the food service industry, you face specific job-related risks every time you show up for work. While some restaurant and food service injuries are minor and ultimately end up not requiring medical treatment, others are far more serious, and they can affect your ability to earn an income as well as your overall quality of life.

Per Restaurant Programs of America, you run the risk of suffering sprains, strains, bulging discs and repetitive motion injuries because of your food service work environment. Many of these can result from lifting or moving heavy items, which might be tables, trays, plates or what have you. As a restaurant or food service worker, you also run the risk of suffering job-related burns. If you hold a back-of-house role, you may suffer burns because of cooking equipment or splashing foods, oils or hot liquids. In front-of-house positions, you can suffer burns because of hot plates, spilled hot liquids or other servers coming around blind corners holding hot items, among related causes.

Some food service workers also face exposure to dangerous chemicals within their work environments, some of which might be used for cleaning purposes. Your food service-related work environment also places you at risk of suffering a slip-and-fall accident, which can lead to broken bones, among other complications. Furthermore, your risk of falling may amplify if restaurant or food production staff fail to follow proper cleaning protocols or leave wet surfaces exposed.

This information about common food service worker injuries is informative, but it is not a substitute for legal advice.