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What Steps To Take To Prevent Distractions Behind The Wheel

Posted in Car Accidents,Distracted Driving,Our Blog on June 29, 2013


Distracted driving is a very dangerous behavior and has caused many car accidents in Louisiana. Studies have shown that drivers who use cellphones and other handheld devices while driving are four times more likely to be in a car accident in the U.S.

With all the awareness campaigns out there to reduce distracted driving and texting while driving, why do many drivers still admit to driving distracted? There are several reasons that drivers still become distracted behind the wheel and it is important to understand the risks and what steps to take to reduce the threat of being in a car crash.

Distracted driving not only includes cellphone use but also eating behind the wheel, changing the radio station, reaching for something in the vehicle and talking to other passengers. Many drivers admit to becoming distracted behind the wheel and recent studies have found that many teenagers exhibit the same driving behaviors they’ve learned from their parents.

A recent study found that teens who have parents who drive distracted are two to four times more likely to drive distracted when they get behind the wheel compared to teens who not grow up in households with parents who do not drive distracted.

Because of the impact a parent’s driving behavior may have on their teenager, parents should be aware of how they are driving and be sure to drive safely at all times, especially when their children are in the car with them.

All drivers should reduce distractions before driving. This includes keeping electronic devices and cellphones out of reach or off to prevent using them while driving. Drivers should also pre-set any MP3 devices or set the radio before they start to drive. While driving, maintain focus on the road at all times and if a driver needs to make a phone call or find something in their vehicle, safely pull over and stop driving to reduce the risk of becoming distracted.

While drivers can prevent all car accidents from happening, they can take these steps to make sure they are driving safely and not becoming distracted behind the wheel.