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Car Accidents Caused By Blind Spots Can Be Prevented

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on July 17, 2013


Car accidents in Louisiana are caused by many different factors but one cause of car accidents continues to go unnoticed by a majority of drivers. Blind spots cause more car accidents than most people think and everyone is at risk because all vehicles have blind spots.

Blind spots can cause car accidents because it blocks a vehicle or pedestrian from the driver’s view and if the driver does not take other safe driving steps, they may be involved in a collision. All vehicles have blind spots, with most drivers having difficulties seeing everything that is behind or to the side of their vehicle. Many vehicles also have a blind spot caused by their door frame blocking the view of vehicles coming up behind your car.

Blind spots can be very dangerous and cause serious and fatal car accidents, especially if a pedestrian or motorcycle is involved. Many car accidents caused by blind spots happen when a vehicle is changing lanes because the blind spot makes it difficult for a driver to see if there is a vehicle next to them or coming up quickly in the next lane.

While there is no way to prevent all car accidents caused by blind spots, there are safety tips and safe driving behaviors drivers can take to reduce the risk of being in a car accident. Drivers should consider the following tips to prevent car accidents caused by blind spots:

Always adjust your rearview mirror any time your car seat is moved before driving.

Make sure your rearview mirror is in the correct position. The rearview mirror should allow you to see the road behind you. You should not be able to see your reflection in the rearview mirror.

Use your rearview and side mirrors to monitor traffic while driving.

When passing or changing lanes, be sure to use your mirrors in addition to turning and looking over your should before you change lanes.

You cannot solely rely on your rearview and side mirrors so it is very important to always turn and look when you are driving, especially when you are changing lanes. Taking these steps will make you a safer driver and should decrease the risk of being in a car accident.