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Workers’ compensation in New Orleans

Posted in Our Blog on August 28, 2015

Louisiana workers sacrifice their time and safety to earn a living and put food on their family’s tables. Some workers report to jobs that are much more dangerous than others in order to achieve this goal. The problem is, when these workers are hurt on the job and unable to continue working, they need assistance to help make financial ends meet. This is where the Louisiana workers’ compensation program comes into play.

If a worker is seriously hurt while performing his or her job duties in Louisiana, the worker may be able to qualify to receive financial assistance – not only to pay for medical care, but also to pay for lost wages and permanent or temporary disabilities. Indeed, if you are so hurt that you cannot perform your job duties, you might be able to get salary or wage replacement benefits through the Louisiana workers’ compensation program.

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., we have a lot of experience helping injured employees throughout Louisiana get the compensation they deserve and are legally entitled to. We are also experienced at dealing with third-party claims relating to an on-the-job injury. In some cases, when a party that is not the employer hurts a worker, the worker cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits, but he or she might be able to seek a third-party personal injury claims against the party that hurt them.

At our Metairie, Louisiana, offices, we are available to provide a free initial consultation and evaluation of your potential workers’ compensation and/or work-related third party personal injury claims.