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What types of injuries are common after motorcycle crashes?

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog on March 27, 2018

As the seasons change across Louisiana, more and more motorcyclists take to the state’s roadways, and if you are among them, you may have first-hand knowledge of just how dangerous your hobby can be. Even if you consistently follow safety protocols and wear proper protective gear every time you ride your bike, you still run the risk of an accident and an associated injury if other motorists behave negligently.

Per LiveStrong, the fact that motorcycle riders have little protection between themselves and the road likely attributes to the fact that 80 percent of all motorcycle crashes result in an injury or a fatality. Some motorcycle crash-related injuries are considerably more common than others, and these include head injuries, which are the single-most common cause of death or disability relating to motorcycle crashes.

As a motorcycle rider, you also run the risk of suffering bone fractures in an accident, among them pelvic or shoulder fractures. Often, riders who are falling off their bikes attempt to break their falls using their arms, but this can lead to broken wrists and arm fractures, among related injuries. In other cases, the motorcycles themselves tip over, and this can crush your leg, causing a fracture or broken bone.

You may also suffer road rash after a motorcycle crash, and this skin injury can prove to be relatively mild, or quite severe, in nature. You may suffer only a minor flesh wound, which may heal on its own over time, or your skin may completely come off, exposing fat and tissue and requiring immediate medical attention.

While this information about injuries that often result from motorcycle crashes is informative, it is not a replacement for legal advice.