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Louisiana’s deadly car accident stats have declined

Posted in Our Blog on November 25, 2015

Fatal car accidents are happening a lot less frequently in the state of Louisiana. From 2007 through 2013, when statistics are available, we have seen a 28 percent drop in car crash deaths in our state. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development released the new statistics on Nov. 19 in the 2015 Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan. In addition to deadly accidents, all types of accidents have been declining since 2007.

Information from state records and Louisiana State University show that deadly accidents dropped from 900 in 2007 down to 251 in 2013. That is a sizable drop over just a six-year timeframe. During the same amount of time, injurious car accidents declined by 9.6 percent and property damage-causing collisions declined by 0.5 percent.

Even though these statistics are promising, fatal car accidents, injurious car accidents, and property damage-only car accidents were higher in 2013 as compared to 2010. For example, in 2010, there were 42,500 injurious crashes, and, in 2013, there were 43,500 injurious crashes. At the same time, there were 643 fatal crashes in 2010 and 651 fatal crashes in 2013.

Most of the car accident declines relate to law enforcement efforts to crack down on and prevent crashes caused by aggressive driving and alcohol. Meanwhile, crashes resulting from distracted driving do not appear to be on the decline.

The fact is, car accidents can never be completely obliterated and Louisiana residents will continue to get hurt and killed. When this happens as a result of another driver or party’s negligence, injured persons – and family members of the deceased – should know that financial compensation may be available to them, should they choose to investigate the pursuit of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.