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High-Speed Car Accident Kills 2, Injures 5

Posted in Our Blog on February 7, 2014


Two Louisiana teens were killed and five others injured after a serious crash in Tioga. News reports show that the high-school students were involved in the car accidentduring the evening hours on Jan. 27, when the driver crested a hill at a high rate of speed. The vehicle became airborne and the 16-year-old driver lost control of the 2011 Jeep SUV, eventually plunging off the road and smashing into a tree. None of the students was wearing a seat belt, according to investigators. The conditions of the injured teens have not been released.

The community has been hard-hit by student deaths during this school year, as teens from two nearby schools died during separate wrecks that occurred on the same weekend in November. Another student in the area died after contracting H1N1 influenza, according to authorities. As a result, counselors are being made available to both high school and middle school students in the area. Many at the middle school are familiar with those students because some are still underclassmen.

Teen drivers in the area say that the car collision has made them think carefully about driving too fast. One high-school student said she realizes that teens should not be “reckless” when they drive. Students in the community have been talking about the auto accident through social media platforms, with some defending the driver and others characterizing the accident as reckless.

Victims who are killed or injured in accidents caused by other drivers may be able to recover financial damages for these incidents. Relatives of the decedents can seek compensation for pain and suffering, funeral costs and other expenses. Those injured may press for medical expenses and other financial damages. Louisiana car accident attorneys may be able to help these victims learn more about their legal options after suffering serious injuries in a car collision.

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