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2019 Defective Product Recalls

Posted in Our Blog on June 28, 2019

With all of the amazing products that manufacturers continue to create, errors in some of the items are bound to be released. It is essential to educate yourself about the products that might look fantastic but are potentially dangerous to own and/or operate in order to prevent injury to yourself of your child. Here are 9 product recalls of 2019 consumers should be wary about.

1. AmazonBasics Ceramic Space Heater

Amazon recently recalled 377,000 units of their new line of ceramic space heaters. This item is prone to overheating, causing fires and/or burns while in use. Amazon has urged its customers to stop using this model of heater altogether and is providing refunds for those that have already purchased it.American Honda Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles

2. American Honda Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles

American Honda recalled 82,000 of their off-highway vehicles due to potential crash and injury hazards. This company’s line of off-highway vehicles possess throttle pedals that are prone sticking in the open position. This can cause severe injury because the vehicles might spontaneously become stuck while accelerating. Honda is offering free repair to purchasers of their off-highway vehicles.

3. Target Toddler Boots

Target recalled 29,000 units of rain boots meant for toddler use. Designed to look like unicorns, consumers reported that unicorn horn on each boot detaches, posing a choking risk to their toddlers. Target is offering a full refund to customers that return these boots.

4. Apple Three-Prong Wall Plug Adapter (in World Travel Kit)

Apple released a three-prong wall plug as included in their World Travel Adaptor Kit. This adaptor has proven to be flimsy in its creation, with exposed metal wires surrounding the base of the adaptor after the first several uses. Apple recalled about 895,000 adaptors, advising their customers to contact Apple directly for a free replacement.

5. Target USB Charging Cables

Target recently recalled their vibrant line of USB charging cables after learning that they posed fire and shock hazards. The metal surrounding each cable becomes electrically charged if it touches the metal prongs of the charger’s adaptor. This can cause sparking. Target has recalled 90,000 units off its shelves, offering a full refund to customers that have already purchased the product.

6. Excel Industries Zero-Turn Mowers

Excel Industries recalled their line of Zero-Turn lawn mowers because the underside of each product contains a wire tie that has the potential to damage its fuel line. If accidentally manipulated in the wrong way, this wire tie can cause a fuel leak, posing a fire hazard to the user. Excel Industries has offered free repairs to customers that have purchased their Zero-Turn mowers.

7. DICK’s Sporting Goods Ethos Pull-Up Assist

Dick’s Sporting Goods recently recalled 10,000 units of a band intended to assist users in doing pull-ups. The carabiner that attaches the nylon band to its clip is not strong enough to perform for its intended purpose. It snaps, inflicting lacerations onto the user. Dick’s has advised its customers to stop using this product, offering a full refund to those who return with receipts and store credit to those who return without receipts.

8. Gildan Activewear Children’s Sleep Sacks

Gildan Activewear recalled their line of sleep sacks, dress-like pajamas meant to comfort young infants while they sleep. Gildan recalled this product because it did not meet federal flammability standards, resulting in Gildan selling flammable materials to consumers. Gildan is directing their customers to American Apparel to receive a refund on their sleep sacks.

9. ION Audio Portable Speakers

ION Audio recently recalled 41,000 portable speakers that consumers have reported for their tendency to explode. Alarmingly, this speaker leaks hydrogen when charging. This causes the speaker to burst, warranting an explosion hazard. ION offers their customers that purchased these speakers a full refund in the form of a gift card.

Remember to be discriminatory in your shopping process – watch out for recalled items, and report items yourself that you feel aren’t safe. If you have been injured by a defective or recalled product, contact our New Orleans defective product attorneys immediately.