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How To Work Around Cognitive Issues After A Brain Injury

Posted in Our Blog,Traumatic Brain Injuries on August 23, 2016


After a serious brain injury, cognitive problems are common. Brain injuries are a bit tricky because they impact different people in different ways, but some common issues include:

– Feeling restlessness.- Often being quickly distracted.- An inability to pay attention to long conversations.- Issues finishing projects that have been started or doing multiple things at once.

Other, even more serious issues could exist as well, such as problems remembering things, speech problems – like difficulty remember what word to say – or attitude changes.

To deal with cognitive problems in the wake of a traumatic brain injury, experts suggest trying to get rid of distractions as much as possible. When doing projects, take one task and work on it until completion before switching to another task. Try to find a quiet environment to work. Things like limiting phone and Internet access may also help.

In general, slowing down and really focusing can help in many areas. For example, if having issues coming up with the right word, talking slowly and deliberately may help. Family members can also do this for those who have trouble processing everything that they are hearing and seeing. This can change the way that you communicate in today’s fast-paced work, but it may mean that communication goes more smoothly than it would otherwise.

Naturally, medical care and therapy can also help with some of these issues, though they can be expensive. If you were injured by someone else in Louisiana, you may be able to seek out financial compensation to get the help and assistance that you need.