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Has my car been recalled and is it safe?

Posted in Our Blog on October 16, 2015

In the last few years, there have been numerous automobile recalls all over the world due to various defects and other dangerous problems that could cause accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Considering the sheer number of cars that have been recalled, many will never be fixed, and you might find yourself the owner of one of these unfixed cars – particularly if you purchase a used vehicle or do not happen to hear about the recall of a vehicle you already own.

Fortunately, the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority created a special website where you can look up the vehicle identification number of any vehicle to discover if it has been recalled or not. You will also be able to learn if the recall issue has been repaired on that particular car.

At, vehicle owners can enter their VINs to see if safety recalls have been carried out on their cars. The database reviews all recalls performed on vehicles dating back 15 years. You will also be able to look up recalls on defective motorcycles and other types of light vehicles.

Still, there are some important things that the VIN search application does not cover. This includes information about completed safety recalls, international automobiles, recently announced recalls, recalls that happened over 15 years ago, those by smaller manufacturing companies that manufacture certain ultra-luxury cars and specialty vehicle makers. For most Louisiana residents, however, the VIN search tool is extremely useful.

Individuals who get injured in a motor vehicle crash caused by what they suspect is a defective automobile or automobile part may want to pursue a personal injury or car accident claim for damages. A successfully navigated personal injury claim could be a way for those injured by defective cars to obtain money to pay for their medical care.

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