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Importance of Preserving Evidence in a Car Accident in Louisiana

Posted in Car Accidents on August 14, 2020

If you or somebody you love has been involved in a car crash, it’s important to preserve evidence that can help other parties understand what happened. Many of our clients ask what steps they should take after a car accident in Louisiana to help preserve evidence. Here’s some of our most crucial advice.

One of the most important reasons to preserve evidence in a car accident is the fact that some evidence can be lost for good if it is not preserved soon after a crash. Regardless of what you want to do with the evidence, you won’t have a choice if it isn’t there.

Preserving evidence is generally a key component of proving someone’s innocence or liability in a situation. It could also help demonstrate the exact consequences of an accident (like injuries, property damage, etc.).

What evidence can I gather while I’m at the scene of the crash?

There’s a lot of evidence that can change a car accident case and can only be found on-scene. If it’s at all possible, you should try to acquire:

  • Pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident
    • This includes damage, debris, skid marks, nearby property damage, etc.
  • Photos of road defects, construction, etc. that may have contributed to the accident
  • Photos and videos of your injuries
  • Video evidence of drivers who appear to be impaired or displaying signs of road rage (always be careful approaching these drivers)
  • Contact information for drivers, passengers, and witnesses

What other evidence should I preserve?

  • Car maintenance records that demonstrate your vehicle’s functionality
  • Medical records and receipts that demonstrate what happened to you as a result of the crash
  • Work absence records to show that you were impacted by time off of work (if relevant)

Tips for Preserving Evidence After A Car Accident In Louisiana

Don’t forget your police report

If police respond to the scene of your car accident, they will file a police report. You can also file one retroactively online after an accident.

You need to get a copy of your police report. Ideally, you should acquire it as soon as possible so that you can show it to any attorney you may want to work with.

Your lawyer will help with some of the legwork

There’s evidence that may be able to benefit your case, too. The good news is that your car accident lawyer will handle acquiring this evidence for you if need be. You likely won’t need to do any work on your end to leverage:

  • Cell phone records that might prove a driver was talking or texting behind the wheel
  • 911 calls that might show what was happening at the scene of an accident
  • Vehicle recall reports if a defect or other issue might have caused your crash
  • “Black box” or event data recorders (systems that contain information about some vehicles’ speed, braking, and steering before a crash)

Don’t Make These Mistakes After Your Car Accident

Common mistakes people make after car accidents in Louisiana

Admitting fault at the scene

If you admit any fault at the scene of a car accident, it could hurt your case. It’s common for insurance companies to take advantage of a car accident survivor’s statements and use them as evidence against paying a claim. Some insurance agencies insist that if someone makes an admission, it’s proof they share some or all of the blame for an accident.

It’s best to avoid making statements at the scene of a car accident. If you’ve just survived a crash, you won’t be in the best state of mind– and it’s definitely not the right one to make legally-binding statements in.

Giving recorded statements to any insurance company

Statements are one thing– recorded statements are another. Never give a recorded statement to an insurance company. If you do say anything and offer a recorded statement to another driver’s insurance company, the company (or its legal defence) could spin what you said to use against you later.

Everyone can probably agree that some things are better left to professionals. It’s best to leave the rocket building to the rocket scientists, the exotic animal care to the husbandry and nature experts… you see where we’re going.

Most people are not in a position to understand what actually happened during (or what might happen after) a car crash. There are some people who are positioned to understand this– people like car accident attorneys, auto industry professionals, insurance agents, and more. You should work with parties like these who are on your side (such as lawyers and auto industry experts) and minimize contact with people who may be working against your benefit (like insurance agencies).

Cashing an insurance check

Some insurance companies are quick to offer people who have survived car accident checks. You may be contacted by other drivers’ insurance companies in an attempt to get you to accept and cash a check.

If you do cash the check, you could be making a serious mistake. The amount of money you receive is very unlikely to help you cover the costs associated with your accident.

Failing to reach out to a trustworthy car accident attorney

Just because you consult with a car accident lawyer, it doesn’t mean you need to hire or work with them long-term. Meeting up with an attorney (or a few) will help you get a sense of your legal rights and your options for moving forward after an accident.

The Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC Can Help With Evidence After a Car Accident In Louisiana

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re entitled to legal support. The Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC is prepared to assist car accident victims with a range of legal services– regardless of what insurance adjusters have told you.

Connect with us online or reach out to us via phone at 504-500-5000 to speak to a qualified legal representative today.  You can ask a legal professional about your circumstances and discuss the subject of evidence, too.

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