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5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Truck Accident Settlement

Posted in Truck Accidents on March 16, 2020

Any vehicle on New Orleans roads can quickly find themselves in an accident. In fact, over 700 people die every year in Louisiana car accidents. This happens for many reasons and most are preventable, human error. This means that if you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident in Louisiana, you should work hard to hold the negligent party liable for your injuries.

Commercial trucks, big rigs, eighteen-wheelers, these massive vehicles go by many names. They are substantially larger than any other vehicle on the road which means, if you collide with one, they have the potential to cause much more damage to your vehicle and serious life altering injuries to you and your passengers. Most Louisiana truck accident injuries cause more serious permanent injuries than other types of roadway accidents. Determining liability in truck accident cases presents challenges. Many times, the truck driver works for a different company than the truck owner, making it more challenging to determine who is at fault in complex truck accidents. Besides that, improper maintenance and not adhering to strict federal rules could also play a part in your truck accident.

To hold another party liable for your injuries means you will not end up paying out of pocket for your injuries. Remember, you did not cause your injuries so you should bear none of the responsibility associated with your recovery. It is important to work with a trusted New Orleans truck accident injury lawyer.

1. Call 911

After your truck accident, your first priority should be on your health and well-being. When you call the authorities, they rush to the accident scene to take a report of what happened. While the police may not assign fault in their report, they will create a diagram of your accident. This can help your lawyer show the other party was at fault in your accident and work to hold them liable for your accident injuries.

There is also the added benefit of having emergency medical personnel show up. Do not refuse their help. Your adrenaline is pumping and that may mask some injuries. Trucks are massive vehicles, often weighing 40 tons or more. Their sheer size and weight can cause catastrophic injuries. By letting the emergency medical personnel evaluate you at the accident scene, you help to ensure your injuries receive prompt medical attention.

2. Take Pictures and Speak to Witnesses

Over 100,000 truck accidents occur each year. There are many reasons why these accidents happen, and witnesses can help determine why your accident occurred. Witnesses often provide a different perspective and can shed light on the moments leading up to your truck accident.

While it may not always be possible, it’s good practice to speak with witnesses or at least get their contact information. Not all witnesses will stick around to speak with police. By gathering their contact information, your legal team at the Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., can speak with the witnesses and help determine who caused your accident.

Pictures are also incredibly important. If you cannot take pictures, ask a trusted friend or family member. Get images of the truck, your vehicle, the entire accident scene, and your injuries. In truck accident injury cases, a picture can often speak a thousand words.

3. Stay Off Social Media

In today’s world, people love to share their life online with friends and family. But those images and posts are often seen by people other than your friends and family. As the victim of a New Orleans truck accident, posting on social media could hurt your chances of recovering damages for your injuries.

If you are claiming injuries that prohibit your ability to walk, for example, and you post pictures out to dinner with friends, and these pictures can be used against you. While you should still enjoy your life even during your recovery, posting on social media presents challenges, including when friends tag you or post images of you. You should pay close attention to your social media privacy settings and change them to make your profile completely private or deactive your account altogether. You can bet that the insurance company of the at fault driver is watching your social media accounts like a hawk, waiting for you to post something they can use against you and use to reduce your financial recovery.

4. See Your Doctor

Your doctor knows you best. After your initial medical attention at the scene of the truck accident, see your doctor. Your doctor can help you recover by prescribing the right medication and the best approach to take during your recovery.

Your doctor’s medical reports can also be used as important components of your personal injury claim. When your doctor sees you, they will keep detailed records of your well-being, your progress, and any setbacks you may experience. This information is crucial to showing how much you suffered, and the uphill battle you faced during your recovery process.

5. Contact a Lawyer You Trust

Your lawyer can make the difference in your truck accident injury case. You need someone who can aggressively protect your rights by holding the negligent party liable for your injuries and maximizing your financial recovery. To do that, your team of lawyers at the Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies. Your interests and those of the insurance company are not aligned. Your goal is to get better and you do that by maximizing your financial recovery. The insurance company’s interest is to keep as much money as possible in their pocket and out of yours.

To help you maximize your financial compensation, you need to work with a trusted New Orleans truck accident injury lawyer who has the experience you deserve. We have helped many victims of truck accidents, just like you. We know we can help you too by leveraging our experience negotiating with insurance companies to help maximize your financial recovery. Doing that means you don’t have to worry about how to pay your bills. You let us handle the stress of your personal injury claim and you put all of your effort and energy into your physical recovery.

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