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Woman Sues Hospital For Brain Injury Caused By Hypertension

Posted in Our Blog on April 25, 2014


A medical facility in Louisiana has been targeted by a patient’s personal injury lawsuit after that woman allegedly suffered unnecessary brain damage. The New Orleans victim claims that she was injured when professionals at a medical facility failed to treat her high blood pressure. She is seeking judgment against River Oaks Hospital and several other entities in connection with the brain injury incident, claiming that she has endured ongoing effects such as vision loss and neurological damage because of the inadequate medical care.

Reports show that the woman was voluntarily admitted to the River Oaks facility after being transferred from Tulane Hospital. The woman was admitted because she was contemplating suicide and suffering from severe depression. She had a history of high blood pressure, though it appears that she was not medicated for that condition at the time that she entered the mental health facility.

The woman claims that physicians at River Oaks failed to diagnose her high blood pressure during her December 2009 stay, even though she brought up her condition to at least one physician. The patient’s extremely high blood pressure led to a variety of symptoms about a week after she was first admitted; she suffered from headache, unsteady gait and nausea. She was given medication and transferred to the East Jefferson General Hospital emergency room, but by that time, it was too late; she had already suffered bleeding and swelling in her brain that led to permanent damage.

Patients should be able to seek treatment from specialized hospitals without worrying about receiving substandard care. Mental health patients deserve the same access to quality health care provided to everyone else. Those who have been victimized by irresponsible doctors may be entitled to financial compensation.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Medical facility sued over brain damage” Lizzy Fitzsousa, Apr. 16, 2014