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Nursing Home Abuse Following Hurricane Ida: How a Lawyer Can Help You 

Posted in Hurricane Attorney,nursing home abuse on September 10, 2021

News reports regarding the deaths of Louisiana nursing home residents following Hurricane Ida are both heartbreaking and infuriating. Entrusting your loved one to a nursing home facility is difficult enough. When staff, management, and ownership fail to evacuate your loved one before a major hurricane safely, you may want to contact a Louisiana nursing home abuse lawyer without delay.

Nursing Home Emergency Evacuation Plan & Louisiana Law

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH)requires nursing homes to have an evacuation plan in place. By law, nursing home facilities must submit a detailed emergency evacuation plan for all hazards, declared disasters, and other similar events.

A quick transfer of the elderly population is challenging due to the varying degrees of their healthcare needs. To address such issues as emergency transport, the LDH states that evacuation plans must include plans for transporting the following types of residents:

  • Red: Residents who are high-risk transport generally require an advanced life support form of ambulance service
  • Yellow: Residents in the yellow category may require an ambulance service
  • Green: Residents with green status are capable of car or van transport

Other vital information required for a nursing home evacuation plan includes:

  • Number of residents
  • Evacuation destination
  • Emergency contact information

Hurricane Ida demonstrated just how chaotic an unplanned and uncoordinated evacuation plan is for vulnerable residents. From medication to safe and clean conditions, proper planning is crucial for survival.

A lack of a plan or poor planning that results in the harm or death of the elderly is inexcusable. Consider contacting a Louisiana lawyer today if your loved one suffered unnecessary harm during Hurricane Ida due to a negligent nursing home.

The Tragic Consequences of Poor Planning for Hurricane Ida

A tragic story emerging from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida involves nursing home residents from multiple facilities. At the core of all stories is that each story was likely preventable, had the nursing home used the care expected by residents and their families.

Failure to protect residents from such abuse as the following results in negligence:

  • Unsafe transport
  • Spread of COVID-19
  • Unclean linens and clothing
  • Not enough beds for the number of residents
  • Failure to address medical needs

These are just a few examples of nursing home negligence reported by local and national news outlets. Your loved one deserves a safe, warm environment, whether in the facility itself or during a natural disaster. Resident care is paramount at all times, in all conditions.

If your loved one suffered unnecessary harm or an untimely death due to poor planning, seek help. A Louisiana nursing home abuse lawyer is unafraid to aggressively fight for fair compensation on your or your loved one’s behalf.

How a Louisiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help You

The recent news of nursing home abuse following Hurricane Ida is probably just the tip of the iceberg. It is highly likely that more stories — including ones of additional deaths — will emerge in the following days, weeks, and months.

Nursing home abuse cases are sometimes complex and sometimes highly emotional for families. The shock and anger you feel are understandable; however, these feelings can make you vulnerable to accepting less than you deserve.

As for-profit businesses, nursing homes seek to protect profits. If an insurance company or anyone else representing your loved one’s facility contacts you, do not speak with them. Instead, give careful thought to hiring a nursing home abuse attorney to help you with your claim and lawsuit.

Nursing homes responsible for resident suffering or deaths must face accountability.  Hiring a Louisiana nursing home attorney can ease your stress as they manage the important details of your case. In addition, the lawyer you hire can negotiate for a fair settlement and not what the nursing home wants — or does not want — to pay.

You Cannot Afford Not to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

An important first step is to contact a Louisiana nursing home abuse lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis. A lawyer who works with clients on this basis does not collect a fee unless they secure compensation for you. Simply put, if they do not win your case, you owe them no legal fees.

A free case consultation can help you to learn more about your legal options. For example, in nursing home abuse cases resulting in death, your relationship with the victim is key to whether you qualify for compensation.

The loss of a Louisiana nursing home license is not enough when it comes to accountability. The physical, psychological, and financial challenges that result may follow you throughout your lifetime. This is unfair and worthy of a possible claim and lawsuit.

Hurricane Ida was a frightening event for Louisiana residents of all ages. For the elderly population, relocating to a strange environment requires further trust in their care providers. Unfortunately, many residents were let down by those they depended on for safety and care.

Nursing Home Abuse Following Hurricane Ida: The Fight for Accountability

The elderly are among our nation’s most treasured and vulnerable citizens. Nursing home abuse — in any form — due to a lack of preparedness or a desire to place profits over people demands justice. Taking legal action can intentionally help prevent the same tragedy from happening again.

The devastating effects of a Category 4 storm can leave you with clean-up and rebuilding tasks. There is no time to deal with paperwork, phone calls, insurance companies, and more. Hiring a Louisiana nursing home lawyer can provide you with the peace of mind you need during this stressful time.

A free case evaluation and no retainer makes hiring a Louisiana nursing home lawyer effortless. If your loved one suffered unnecessary harm due to the negligent actions of a nursing home facility, contact our team today at (504) 500-5000 or through our website to schedule a free consultation.