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Posted in Motorcycle Accidents, Our Blog on May 31, 2018

What are the biggest dangers to motorcyclists?

As a motorcyclist in Louisiana, you understand the dangers of sharing the road with larger vehicles. However, despite your safety precautions, it’s still possible for you to end up getting involved in a crash. At the Law Office of John
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Posted in Car Accidents, Our Blog on May 25, 2018

What Motorists Should Know If They Are Burned in a Car Crash

Louisiana motorists who suffer burns in a car crash can face a long, difficult and painful recovery. Other motorists can succumb to their burn injuries and die at the hospital. The American Burn Association reports that vehicle fire fatalities are
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Posted in Our Blog, Workers Compensation on May 17, 2018

Do you work in a sick building?

If you cough, sneeze, feel dizzy or have watery eyes or aching muscles every time you go to work in Louisiana, your building may be causing your symptoms. Per the Environmental Protection Agency, there really is such a thing as
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Posted in Brain Injury, Our Blog on May 10, 2018

Tips for the TBI caregiver

Traumatic brain injury is a term that has gotten a lot more recognition in recent years thanks to the National Football League and its players who have shed light on lasting effects of head trauma. The Family Caregiver Alliance announced
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Posted in Our Blog, Workers Compensation on May 3, 2018

When workers have the right to refuse dangerous work

Most Louisiana residents would like to know they are safe when they go to work every day. From offices across the state to highways and high-rises under construction, the workplaces are unique and pose distinct challenges for managers and employees
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