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What is a concussion?

Posted in Our Blog on August 4, 2015

A concussion is the least severe form of traumatic brain injury. The term “concussion” derives from the original Latin root, “concutere,” which means “to violently shake.” Indeed, this is exactly what can happen to the heads of car accident victims. Due to the extreme forces exerted on the body in a car crash and the way crash victims’ heads can collide with the interior of the automobiles, traumatic brain injuries can range in severity.

The Centers for Disease Control claims that from 2001 through 2009, approximately 173,285 individuals were sent to emergency rooms for concussions caused by recreation and sport activities. Other common causes of concussions are car accidents, bicycle accidents, falls, fights and on-the-job accidents.

Concussions are usually caused by a hard blow to the head. Our brains are made of soft tissues and they are cushioned by spinal column fluid. This is all encased in the protective bones of the skull. A sudden blow to the head can cause the brain to crash against the inner walls of the skull and result in bruising, damaged blood vessels and nerve injuries.

A concussion can result in the brain not functioning normally. Vision can be negatively affected. Concussion victims can also suffer from equilibrium problems and momentary lapses in consciousness. However, because there is often no damage to the outside of the head, a concussion can be hard to diagnose. In fact, signs of concussion can take weeks or days to develop.

Since concussion injuries can be difficult to diagnose, when concussion injuries are incorporated as a part of a Louisiana personal injury claim, it may be necessary to employ the services of a medical expert witness who will testify on the full extent of damages in court.