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Louisiana Truck Crash Kills 3, Injures 1

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog,Truck Accidents on October 18, 2013


A tragic fatal car accident in St. John Parish, Louisiana, has left three victims dead and one seriously injured after a collision with an 18-wheeler. The crash occurred on the morning of Oct. 8, when the large vehicle crossed the center line while driving along Louisiana 3127. Investigators say the driver of the truck was not injured in the collision.

Authorities say the accident happened when the large truck sideswiped a smaller pickup truck driven by a 45-year-old man. That collision set off a deadly chain reaction, sending a Honda sedan directly into the path of the oncoming semi-truck. The Honda was pushed about 40 yards before coming to rest in a nearby canal. The 42-year-old driver of that vehicle was declared dead at the scene, along with two passengers, men ages 34 and 45. The driver of the pickup truck was transported to local hospital facilities after suffering serious injuries.

So far, the semi-truck driver has been charged with four counts of vehicular negligent injuring, but St. John officials say they intend to upgrade the charges because of the three fatalities. He has also been cited for driving left of center, according to official reports. The man submitted to a breathalyzer test shortly after the crash, and he was found to not be intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Considering the time, location and nature of the crash, it is possible that the semi-truck driver was dozing behind the wheel. Sleepy commercial drivers are a significant problem on today’s roads, with many insisting on circumventing regulations that protect them and other drivers from disaster. Regardless of the reason, if the semi-truck driver is determined to be at fault in this case, he and his company could be required to pay financial damages to the victims and their families in this case.