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What treatment options are available for paralysis?

Posted in Our Blog on April 1, 2016

Louisiana residents can suffer from paralysis for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the area of the brain that governs voluntary muscle movement can suffer damage from a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In other cases, paralysis could be caused by damage to the spinal cord. Car accidents, sports injuries, slip and fall accidents and occupational accidents are some of the most common causes of these paralyzing injuries.

Fortunately, every year, revolutionary treatments and therapies are invented that help certain people suffering from paralysis. In treating paralysis, special rehabilitation therapies can help people who have paralysis to improve their neural communication pathways, which can help diminish their symptoms. Also, neural stem cell treatments are being developed to help spur regrowth of cells and improve patients’ conditions.

Growth factors are also being used to stimulate the regeneration of damaged brain tissue. In other situations, where an individual is not improving, it may be possible to employ the use of prosthetics to help improve mobility so the patient can carry out his or her daily routines independently.

Still, individuals who suffer paralysis rarely experience full recovery, and they will usually have to live with the worst symptoms of their conditions for the rest of their lives. It is always the hope that revolutionary treatments and therapies will continue to be developed, and new discoveries may one day be able to resolve previously untreatable paralysis, but until that day comes, most patients will be forced to make do with whatever level of mobility they have managed to keep following the accident.

When a paralyzing injury happens due to the unlawful or negligent behavior of another party, that party may be liable for the costs of medical care and other damages relating to the injury. Paralyzed plaintiffs in such cases might be able to seek financial compensation to pay for their expensive medical treatments, in-home care, lost income and more.