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Never Forgetting Katrina

Posted in Our Blog on August 29, 2011

Six years ago today, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the entire Gulf South region. In the years since it’s become customary to share our Katrina stories with each other. It is something that binds us all in a very profound way. “Where did you go for Katrina?” is a common form of small talk for many Louisianians.

So it’s important to remember those lost on August 29th, 2005, and in the days that followed (Because after all, the true damage wasn’t done on the day the storm hit, but the next day when the storm surge overwhelmed the levees and Lake Pontchartrain flooded the city.). To remember that period in time that has, in a way, defined us all. The Times-Picayune has an excellent piece on the many Katrina memorials, as well as an appeal to look ahead.

I had the pleasure of defending many people affected by Katrina against insurance companies that tried to short change them. There are still those out there who have never recovered, and many others who have never returned. So please, even as the beat of time continues to march on, as seasons change and we grow older and the Saints continue to dominate our conversations, never forget Katrina.

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