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Sign the Motorcycle Safety Foundations Contract for Safety Now!

Posted in Our Blog on December 29, 2015

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has published its Contract for Safety in order to encourage all motorcyclists to stay as safe as possible on the roadway. While this contract does not have any sort of legal ramifications for motorcyclists, it is an excellent way for motorcyclists to affirm that they will stay safe while operating their vehicles. The Contract for Safety recognizes the concern of family and friends about the motorcyclists in their lives and asks motorcyclists to affirm some important aspects of safety that they will adhere to while riding.

For one, they agree to be aware of all risks and to maintain a 360 degree awareness of everything around them. They agree to recognize that their vehicles do not offer crash protection like cars do, and that cars may not always see them.

They also agree to get special licensing and safety training to learn riding skills, mental strategies and other tools that will help them avoid accident and injury. They agree to always use protective gear, including a Department of Transportation-certified helmet, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, eye protection, a protective jacket and pants.

In addition, they agree to ride a motorcycle that is appropriate for their physical build and ability. They will familiarize themselves with all of their motorcycle’s controls and study its owner’s manual. They will also use the “SEE” approach to motorcycle safety by using the “Search, Evaluate, Execute” technique and maintain at least a 2-second following distance behind vehicles ahead of them.

There are a lot more safety assurances this short document asks motorcyclists to make. While it cannot prevent all crashes from happening, regularly reading this document will serve as a great reminder to bikers in Louisiana and else where.

Ultimately, avoiding an accident and injuries is preferable, but injurious events can happen to even the safest and most attentive bikers. If you have been injured in a crash, a personal injury attorney can help you evaluate whether or not you have a viable claim for damages in court.