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Louisiana Man Dies In Crush Accident

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on October 11, 2013


A Lafayette industrial accident has left a 25-year-old man dead and his fianc?e worried about potential workers’ compensationpayments. The man, who had been working for the Home Furniture Distribution Center for a full year, died when a piece of equipment fell on him while he was standing on a facility loading dock. Even though the man survived the initial blow, he perished after being transported to the Lafayette General Medical Center.

The man and his fianc?e were all set to wed in April, and they had already scheduled a photo shoot for their engagement pictures, which was to occur just days after the fatal accident. She told news reporters that her fianc? was a hard worker with a positive attitude who was well-liked by his colleagues. He had served as the shipping and receiving manager for the facility.

The couple met in February 2012 after the woman had completed her college education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. They sealed the deal with an engagement this May, though their dream wedding is now slated to never occur.

Even though a furniture warehouse would seem like a relatively safe place, crush and fall injuries are common in a variety of such facilities. Forklifts pose a particularly high danger, as drivers are sometimes negligent or the victims of mechanical malfunctions. Though it is not clear exactly what kind of equipment fell on the man’s head, it is possible that a forklift or other piece of industrial machinery was responsible for the accident.

Sadly, in this case, it is possible that the man’s fianc? will not be able to receive workers’ compensation from the man’s company. Instead, his blood relatives will likely be the recipients of any benefits related to the workers’ compensation claims. Qualified attorneys can help relatives and friends of victims understand more about their legal rights with regards to civil wrongful death claims and workers’ compensation suits against employers.