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Wrongful death litigation in Louisiana

Posted in Our Blog on December 18, 2015

No accidental death is easy for family members to endure. However, when it is obvious that the death could have, and should have, been avoided if the person who caused the accident had acted more responsibly, it is a particularly harsh reality for family members to face. It is in these kinds of situations that the family of the deceased may consider the pursuit of a wrongful death action against the person who caused their loved one’s death.

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, we help people whose family members were killed in accidents to seek financial restitution. Some of the more common wrongful death actions we take on include car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, commercial truck accident matters, workplace incidents and medical malpractice claims. In the litigation of these cases, we often employ the use of medical expert witnesses, accident reconstruction specialists, earnings consultants and other kinds of professionals.

We understand that no amount of litigation or financial restitution will ever bring back a loved one, but we also understand how helpful a wrongful death claim can be in helping family members achieve a sense of justice and closure relating to the death.

In many cases, family members who lose a primary contributor to family income will also be struggling to make financial ends meet. In these situations, a successfully navigated wrongful death claim may be able to bring a struggling family money related to lost future earnings and lost future inheritance, which might help them stay afloat financially in the wake of their loved one’s death.