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Honoring Louisiana’s 200th Birthday

Posted in Our Blog on May 1, 2012


Today being the 200th anniversary of the day Louisiana officially became an American state, we should probably all take a few seconds to reflect on what a long, amazing, strange journey our state has been on since that day.

In 1850, New Orleans was the third-largest city in the country, and Louisiana was the heart and center of the South. Before and since, it’s seen a history rich with colorful characters like Huey Long and a splendid mixture of people and cultures unrivaled anywhere else in the world. We’ve faced tragedy and triumph, and we continue on strong, grateful to live in a place unlike any other.

So from Shreveport to Monroe to Lake Charles to New Orleans, and all points in between, if you’re a Louisianian, take some time to be proud of your 200-year old home.