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Car Lands In Lake In 4-Car Crash On Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Posted in Car Accidents,Our Blog on May 30, 2013

It’s undoubtedly something that many New Orleans residents have thought about and hoped would never happen to them: crashing while driving on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. For those out-of-state readers who don’t know, the Causeway consists of two bridges that stretch 24 miles over Lake Pontchartrain, bridging the watery gap between St. Tammany Parish and Jefferson Parish. Depending on which way you’re going, the road starts in Mandeville and terminates in Metairie.

Unfortunately, some people don’t heed the obvious risks of reckless or negligent driving on the Causeway. Serious injuries are a possibility in nearly every driving situation, but the presence of so much water probably makes a good number of us a bit more nervous, and rightfully so.

Several people were lucky not to have been seriously injured in a recent four-car crash on the Causeway. In fact, one of the vehicles flew over the guard wall and landed in the lake. According to officials, that vehicle was occupied by one person, and emergency responders were able to rescue him. His injuries did not appear to be serious, according to a local report.

Of course, physical injuries from a harrowing auto accident such as this one can sometimes crop up after the fact. Neck and back injuries are common, as are head injuries that go untreated, and these types of injuries can worsen significantly over time and even lead to disability.

Even if a slight soreness creeps up in the neck or back, an accident victim should at least get a medical checkup. Head injuries are especially worrisome, and New Orleans residents should be aware of their legal resources if a car accident leads to lost wages or other damages. You don’t want a bad situation turning worse.