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Jefferson motorcycle accident cases

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog on March 18, 2016

Statistically speaking, motorcycle versus car accidents are far more likely to occur than car versus car accidents. That is, when looking at the likelihood of a single motorcyclist getting into a crash and a single motor vehicle driver getting into a crash, the chances of collision and catastrophic injury are higher for the motorcyclist.

This is because, for one, motorcycles are less visible than cars, easier to miss seeing and therefore easier to hit. Furthermore, because motorcycles provide zero protection in the form of airbags and metal frames, motorcycle accident injuries tend to be far more severe and catastrophic for the motorcyclist than for the vehicle driver.

Due to the vulnerability of motorcyclists on Louisiana roads, the John W. Redmann, LLC, law firm would like to encourage motorcyclists to employ extreme caution and always wear a helmet when they take to the streets. We also ask car drivers to keep a close watch on everything that is happening around them – rather than getting lost in their cellphones, for example. By following traffic laws and staying extra attentive to their surroundings, Louisiana residents will no doubt be able to avoid many of the most common types of accidents.

In the event that a motorcycle crash does occur, however, and serious injuries happen, the Law Office of John W. Redmann is available to speak with you about a potential lawsuit regarding those injuries. We will listen to your story carefully and provide you with a free, no-cost evaluation of your legal rights and options. We will also use the information gathered in our conversation with you to determine whether or not your case warrants pursing a claim for financial damages.