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Ford recalls nearly 500,000 vehicles due to gas tank problems

Posted in Our Blog on December 3, 2015

Ford has recalled almost 500,000 cars due to a fuel tank problem. The affected vehicles are 2010 and 2011 model year Mercury Milans and Ford Fusions that were manufactured and sold to consumers in North America.

Ford says that some of the affected vehicles have defective canister purge valves in their gas tanks. The defect can result in fuel tank pressure irregularities. All of the vehicles affected by the recall were manufactured in Mexico at Ford’s Hermosillo Assembly Plant.

Ford fears that the pressure changes might cause the fuel tanks to crack and leak. The escaping fuel could then catch fire. Fortunately, the automaker reports that no known accidents, fires or injuries have resulted from the problem.

The last recall instituted by Ford happened in August and included a total of 37,000 Ford F-150 trucks. The defect in that recall resulted in the trucks automatically braking at inopportune times, representing a serious accident risk. The problem related to the trucks’ automatic braking system – an important safety system that is included in many modern cars.

Before the F-150 recall, another safety-related recall affected only Ford Fusions. It seems that Ford Fusion owners have been hit the hardest with recall repairs this year, but it is very important for these issues to be fixed in order for vehicle owners to avoid getting into unnecessary accidents.

When an automotive defect causes an injurious or fatal car crash, it can be easy to miss the fact. This is why it is absolutely necessary to analyze all facts and evidence relating to a car crash extremely carefully and to be attuned to potential areas of defect in an automobile. If the auto defect that caused the crash is not discovered, then victims and/or their families may miss out on the ability to pursue a viable personal injury or wrongful death suit relating to the crash.