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Brain injury can cause depression, memory loss

Posted in Our Blog on September 1, 2015

Getting a traumatic brain injury is frightening. You may not know what is wrong, and you can’t seem to get your bearings. Perhaps you suffered from a slip-and-fall accident or you were involved in a really terrible car accident. No matter how it happened, things are different now and you can’t seem to figure out what is what. Do you feel like Alice in Wonderland? Kind of like you fell down a rabbit hole? You aren’t alone.

If you are wondering what changes have occurred and feel trapped on the wrong side of the looking glass, especially if it happened recently, you know that your short-term memory has suffered. Memory is defined as the brain taking in, keeping, recalling and using information. Brain injury can affect all of these functions and these facets of memory. You may have difficulty remembering things and you may also have no way of learning anything now.

Traumatic brain injury causes confusion in the early recovery phase. You may not remember what just happened 10 minutes ago or the day of the injury. Your hospital stay can be so confusing because you are in the first stage of recovery. Short-term memory definitely changes after a brain injury. Remote memory may be fine, while recent memory may not be. It can be very frustrating.

There are other symptoms from a brain injury accident and those are fatigue or lack of sleep. You can be more stressed out, and understandably so. Your health may suffer because when your brain is injured because the messages being sent out are that you are sick and that your body isn’t well. You may suffer from depression, anxiety and anger.

During your recuperation, you may want to have a family member to do some research on how to recover from this. Another avenue you may want to go down is getting in touch with someone who may be able to bring your case to court in order to recompense you for your staggering medical bills and loss of income.

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