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How to File a Car Accident Claim With AAA

Posted in Our Blog on June 18, 2019

When recovering from a collision, multiple factors come into play. Injuries, car damage, and claims processes contribute to the stress that a car owner experiences after an accident. With AAA, members have the tools to receive emergency help in difficult situations and the ability to file claims for accidents as they would with a typical insurance agency. Though a New Orleans accident lawyer is not necessary to file a AAA claim, it is essential to understand what items to document and how to file.

What to Expect After a Collision

  • Police Involvement – After the initial collision, your first assessment should be in reference to your own health and the health of the other driver/s involved. Call the police and seek immediate aid if the collision resulted in a severe injury. Even if no one needs emergency services, call the police to notify them of the collision. They will file a police report which you can obtain a copy of several days after the incident. This is one form of evidence that can support your claim.
  • Exchange Contact Information – Exchange insurance information with the other drivers. Take clear pictures of their insurance cards and their license plate information. You might need this information to pursue additional insurance and/or personal injury claims.
  • Take Pictures – Take pictures of the location in which the accident took place from different vantage points. Try to capture all vehicles involved in your pictures. Take pictures of the damages that your vehicle sustained from the collision. Take detailed and clear pictures. Fresh evidence is the best evidence – make the most of your initial evidence-gathering process and take pictures that clearly illustrate the final products of the accident.
  • Write a Statement – The emotional aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. Even if it wasn’t a severe accident, dealing with other drivers who are also having an emotional response can take a toll on how you remember details in the future. Write down your account of what happened so you can refer to it when answering questions from your insurance company.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – Notify them of the collision and possibly give them a statement about what happened, if they ask. Re-educate yourself about your coverage and the deductibles you must pay. Follow their instruction and fill out any necessary paperwork required to file your claim. AAA will also assign a claims adjustor to your case – this individual will receive your evidence and investigate the details of your claim.
  • Seek Medical Treatment – If you have an injury, seek medical treatment. Document your injuries through your medical records. This is useful when seeking an additional personal injuries claim and when providing evidence to AAA if you receive their accident-related health insurance coverage.

Cover all Damages

The claims adjustor assigned to your case will be sure to address all of your damages but remain cautionary. Insurance adjustors are not well-known for going above and beyond in looking for evidence that could cost the insurance company more money. Although AAA does not require you to have all evidence at hand when initiating a claim, being prepared will benefit you in the long run because you will have thorough evidence that a claims adjustor cannot deny.

Following these steps will encourage a flawless claims process within AAA. However, if you do feel that the compensation your claims adjustor settles on for the accident does not equate to severity of the collision, you can always consult a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers will help you pursue a claim against the other driver involved in the accident. You can seek legal action with the driver themselves or with their insurance company – in either scenario, a skilled attorney can provide valuable tools within the claims process.