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To the insurance companies, you are not a person so much as you are a statistic. They know how many accidents the typical driver will have over a lifetime. They know the average medical costs of an accident. They know what percentage of people will settle claims without talking to an attorney.

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., our New Orleans car accident lawyers know that an auto accident is not just medical bills and math. We understand that it can turn your life on end—painful days and sleepless nights, lost time from work, financial strains. Our mission is to obtain the compensation that will help you recover as fully as possible from the physical, emotional and economic strain that has disrupted your life.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an auto accident, contact the best car accident attorneys that New Orleans has to offer at The Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C., right away.  We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Call today to learn what your case is worth, who might be liable for your damages, and how to begin the claims process herein Louisiana. We can help you through every step of your car accident case. You will never have to pay anything out of pocket, and we recover only if you do.

Auto Accident Damages Available in Louisiana

The purpose of a car accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is to reimburse the crash victim for the losses suffered as a result of another’s negligence. While no amount of money can fully compensate the harm you have suffered through, it can ease the financial burden that serious injuries bring. These damages can include:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses and hospital bills
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Property repairs or replacements
  • Wrongful death damages

It’s important to bring a New Orleans accident attorney in on your car accident case as soon as possible. Prompt attention from a lawyer can steer your car accident claim in the right direction right from the very beginning.

Important Louisiana Car Accident Laws

After a car accident in New Orleans, there are three different laws that will likely impact your case:

  1. At-fault auto insurance laws. Like most states, Louisiana abides by “at-fault” auto insurance laws. This means the party at fault for the collision will be responsible for paying for damages. An attorney can help identify the at-fault (often through a police investigation) and file a claim with their insurance company. You must then negotiate with that insurer to try to obtain fair and full compensation.
  2. Comparative negligence. Louisiana is also a comparative negligence state. In the event that the court finds you, the victim, partially at fault for the car accident, it won’t bar you from recovery: instead, the courts will reduce your compensation award by an amount proportionate to your percentage of fault. For example, you would receive $90,000 of a $100,000 award if you were 10% at fault for the car accident.
  3. Statute of limitations. You have just one year from the date of your car accident to file a personal injury claim in Louisiana. This is a shorter time frame than in most other states. Missing the deadline almost always equates to losing your right to file – and losing the opportunity to receive compensation. Don’t wait to contact a lawyer when you are involved in an accident in New Orleans.

Working with knowledgeable, experienced car accident attorneys can be your ticket to a future of better financial stability. Our firm will work hard to ensure you get the recovery we believe you deserve for your losses. A single legal consultation could change your whole future and a consultation with us is always free. The Law Office of John W. Redmann, L.L.C. should be your first phone call after a car accident. We’ll fight for fair recovery for you and your family after a New Orleans car accident. Contact us online or call (504) 500-5000 for your free consultation today.