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Increased risk of car accidents in the elderly

As people grow older, they often lose their ability to respond to sudden situations they encounter while driving. In fact, people over the age of 65, otherwise referred to as mature drivers, may have difficulties when it comes to driving alongside other motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 million drivers over the age of 65 were licensed in the United States in 2015. That same year more than 260,000 mature drivers were injured and 6,800 were killed in motor vehicle accidents

One of the main reasons why the risk of being involved in a car accident increases as people age is the decline in vision, cognitive functioning and motor skills. Older drivers may develop eye conditions, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. They also have decreased peripheral vision and may have difficulty judging the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles. Mature motorists may suffer from a decreased ability to focus and remember critical rules of the road. Finally, their motor skills, including turning the wheel quickly and buckling up, may be affected as well. When these risks are combined with drowsiness, distraction or impairment, mature drivers are at higher risk of becoming involved in an accident. 

Did road gators and tar snakes ruin your motorcycle ride?

September weather in Gretna, Louisiana, is typically ideal for taking to the open roads on a motorcycle, slightly cooler than previous months and less rain with which to contend. However, as a biker, you will always be more vulnerable than those traveling on four wheels. Not only do you have to deal with the disregard most vehicle operators have for motorcycles but also a host of road hazards that could cause deadly accidents.

Regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced rider, alertness and awareness of your surroundings at all times might keep you alive and well. You might have the same rights to the road as motorist do, but you must also follow the same rules.

Understanding construction site electrocutions

Louisiana construction workers face grave electrocution dangers on an almost daily basis. Their risk of receiving life-threatening injuries or even suffering death by electrocution stems from the fact that their job sites contain many power tools, heavy machinery and large electrically powered construction vehicles. They likewise often must work on or near unfinished electrical systems.

As reported by, electrocution ranks second on OSHA’s “Fatal Four” list of causes of construction worker deaths as follows:

  1. Falls
  2. Electrocutions
  3. Struck-by-object events
  4. Caught-in-between-object events

What happens when drivers take selfies?

Needless to say, driving along Louisiana roadways requires your full attention. It is crucial that you and other motorists drive defensively in order to avoid hitting pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles and other vehicles on the road. Social media, however, acts as a major distraction to people throughout the country, and the growing number of people who snap selfies while behind the wheel is a concern.

Although it may sound surprising, major social media sites show pictures of people who are taking selfies while driving. Instagram alone shows 9,700 entries under #drivingtowork and 3,727 posts for #drivingselfie. Still more people are snapping selfies while operating boats, airplanes and motorcycles. People of all ages are engaging in these extremely distractive activities; however, there are more teenagers involved. In fact, distracted driving was involved in more than 12 percent of accidents with teenage drivers.

Can mild brain injuries cause serious damage?

Brain injuries can be extremely debilitating. Whether you obtained brain trauma from a slip-and-fall accident or you were involved in a car collision, you may suffer from the serious side effects of the injury. While more attention has been focused on the implications of moderate to severe brain injuries, a study looked at the effects of mild brain injuries` and their potential for causing long-term damage.

Researchers in the study, published in the journal Neurology, used diffusion tensor imaging to determine where the brain injury is located, as well as the severity of the damage. DTI scans show damage through differences in brightness and contrast. The white tissue in the brain houses the interconnections between different areas of the brain. In a healthy brain, the white tissue is orderly and organized with a strong structure. In an injured brain, the white matter shows cellular damage as a change in the brightness on the DTI image.

Returning to work with a brain injury

There is no question that brain injuries cause a myriad of side effects and symptoms that can make it difficult for some people in Louisiana and across the U.S. to return to work. Depending on the circumstances involved in the situation, people may not be able to perform the same tasks that they did before they experienced brain trauma. Employees who suffer from cognitive deficits, impaired vision, trouble concentrating, memory problems, muscle weakness and have trouble communicating may need special attention when going back to work. In some cases, employers may be able to facilitate an employee’s ability to return to work by giving them certain tools that will help them perform their job.

After deciding to return to work, people may want to make a plan with their employer on how to ease back into the workplace. Employees may want to start by working shorter shifts or just a few days a week. The worker may be given a different job at first until they are able to return to their original position. Some employers may decide to give workers with brain trauma breaks more often so they do not get burned out right away.

New job? You can insist on adequate safety training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration governs the safety of workplaces in Louisiana. Employers must comply with the agency's safety regulations and also ensure their employees follow safety rules and guidelines. However, some employers in and around Gretna fail to provide adequate safety training to new hires.

If you are a qualified worker, or a teenager taking on a summer job, it would be a smart move to insist on adequate training before potentially putting your life on the line. After all, how can your boss expect you to comply with OSHA regulations if you do not learn about them first? According to OSHA, a significant number of employees suffer workplace injuries within their first year of employment, and one in eight workers are injured on their first day at a new job.

5 major types of injuries suffered in car accidents

If you were in a vehicle that was involved in a car accident, a medical assessment is essential, even if you seem to be uninjured. Not all injuries are immediately evident, and those that develop over the days or weeks after an accident could cause long-term health problems. Having records of medical examinations, treatments and associated costs might form significant evidence if you should decide to pursue financial relief through the Louisiana civil justice system.

Each crash is unique, and your position inside the car, whether you wore your seat belt, the position of the impact, the speed of the vehicles and many other aspects can cause different types of internal injuries. If you become aware of any aches or pains in the weeks following a crash, you must report it to a physician.

The dangers of driving at night

After the sun sets in Louisiana, thousands of people continue to travel on the state’s roadways. Whether they are coming home from work or going out for dinner and drinks, people are navigating alongside other cars and trucks with the help of bright headlights and streetlights. While this may be common practice, people are three times more likely to die in a car accident while driving at night than they are during the day, according to the National Safety Council.  

One of the main reasons why driving at night is so dangerous is the lack of natural light. Driving under low-light conditions can make it difficult for drivers to estimate the distance and speed of an on-coming vehicle when turning out into traffic. It can inhibit a driver’s peripheral vision as well. The bright glare of approaching headlights may even cause temporary blindness. The NSC reports that people over the age of 50-years-old require twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year-old. This is especially true if the motorist has eye conditions, such as glaucoma or cataracts. When the sun goes down, there is also an increase of drunk drivers on the road.

TBIs and PTSD: the perfect storm

At the Law Office of John W. Redmann, LLC, in Louisiana, we help people who have sustained serious injuries as the result of someone’s negligence or misconduct. Sometimes our clients suffer from several injuries, which makes life especially difficult for them. If you suffer from both a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, you know exactly what we mean.

As explains, a TBI and PTSD are two separate conditions. A TBI is a neurologic condition resulting from a trauma to your brain. PTSD, on the other hand, is a mental disorder resulting from the aftereffects of your experiencing a life-threatening trauma. But while these two are separate, many of the symptoms they produce overlap each other. Often you, your family members and your medical team cannot tell which of your symptoms come from which condition. In other words, TBI and PTSD feed on and reinforce each other. Consequently, each condition can and does affect the following:

  • Your memory
  • Your sleep patterns
  • Your emotions, particularly anger
  • Your depression and anxiety
  • Any substance abuse problem(s) you may develop
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